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The News & Information Section > News from our Branches > Opening of Canjie Mosque in Guyana -- The Canefield Ahmadiyya Culture Centre Mosque Opens

Opening of Canjie Mosque in Guyana -- The Canefield Ahmadiyya Culture Centre Mosque Opens:

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The Canefield Ahmadiyya Culture Centre Jama'at in Canje opened its new Mosque on Sunday November 26, 2000.

Many recognised personalities of the Ahmadiyya Anjuman were present. Among them were Brother A. Santoe and his wife from the Netherlands; Brother J. Wazir from Paramaribo; Brother Alim Shah, President of the Anjuman, and his wife; Brother Mansoor from Essequibo; Dr. Sheikh Haroon of New Amsterdam; Brother Kalamazad, his wife and family of No 71; Brother Hafiz Baksh and his wife Sister Neisha from Black Bush Polder.

The programme began with two rakaats of Nafil prayers in the Mosque by everyone present. The invitees then took their seats under the spacious shed behind the Mosque for the formal programme.

Brother Abdul Santoe, Co-ordinator of the European Zone of the Ahmadiyya Anjuman Lahore, made the opening Du'ah [prayer]. Brother Feroze Khan, Secretary of the Jama'at, welcomed everyone and introduced the Imam, Brother Izad Khan to chair the programme. Brother Mansoor Baksh then recited verses 17 & 18 of Chapter 9 of the Holy Quran and read the English Translation.

The President of the Guyana Ahmadiyya Anjuman Isha'at Islam, Brother Alim Shah, in his address congratulated the Jama'at on their achievement in such a short time -- A grand Mosque in just three months!

Brother Santoe then gave greetings from Hazrat Ameer, Dr. Asghar Hameed Sahib and told the gathering that Ahmadiyya Mosques are unique in the sense that they are always open for everyone to pray, regardless of ones affiliation or gender.

A touching poem entitled "The Ahmadiyya Mission" composed by the late Nazir Khan was then presented by Sister Feryal Khan.

Brother Rafeek, the contractor who spare-headed the work and Treasurer of New Amsterdam Jama Masjid Jama'at then gave his best wishes to the Jama'at. He further added that despite the denouncements, he knows that all reciters of kalima are Muslims.

Brother J. Wazir of Paramaribo then captivated the audience with a thrilling nazm [poem] of Hazrat Mirza Sahib.

Brother Ali, President of the New Amsterdam Jama Masjid Jama'at then asked that the absence of his Imam be excused. He explained that the two Jama'ats are closely affiliated and supported Brother Rafeek's statement that Ahmadies are Muslims on the bases of their belief in Allah and His messenger, Muhammad (pbuh).

Imam Jafar of the Canefield Mosque then encouraged the proper usage of the building. He was lavish in his congratulations for the Jama'at.

President of the Canefield Ahmadiyya Cultural Centre Jama'at, Brother Fajir Ayube Khan then thanked the many people who supported the venture and give a full report on the construction of the Mosque. According to his report they received $5.2 m and they are currently short of only $384,348.00.

Brother Mansoor Baksh then spoke on the purpose of the Ahmadiyya Anjuman. This was followed by an enchanting song presented by Sister Farida Khan.

Brother Sheriff Hussain then gave a history of the Jama'at. Dr. Sheikh Haroon paid high tribute to Mr. & Mrs Bagh Khan and all the others who laid the foundation of the Jama'at.

Sister Salimoon Azad of No. 71 Village Jama'at delighted the gathering with a Qaseeda. This was followed with congratulations and exhortations from Brother Mirza of the Cumberland Jama'at.

Secretary of the Jama'at, Brother Feroze Khan, thanked everyone for their support -- both for the building of the mosque and the opening occasion of the Mosque.

The chairman, Imam Izad Khan, reiterating the gratitude of the Jama'at to all the people who assisted in the construction of the Mosque. Brother Jameer, who celebrated his birthday the same day, was especially thanked for the preparations of the day. The programme was closed with a Du'ah by Brother Mansoor. All were then invited to the sumptuous preparations after which Asr prayer was said.


The News & Information Section > News from our Branches > Opening of Canjie Mosque in Guyana -- The Canefield Ahmadiyya Culture Centre Mosque Opens