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Joining Our Movement Section > Why I Joined Islam [Stories of our New Muslim Brothers/Sisters] > My Experience by Mr. Stephen Huber

My Experience:
by Mr. Stephen Huber

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Dear Webmaster [www.aaiil.org],

I will write a few lines about my experience:

I grew up in New Jersey,  just a few minutes from New York City.  My father, who died in 1982 was a non practicing Catholic.  My mother was, and still is a strong Protestant.  I have one younger brother.  It was my mother who had the most influence over my brother and me when we were young.  Her religious views were what we were told to accept.  Over the years, this seemed to work out well for my brother, but not for myself. I struggled for a very long time with Protestant Christianity, but I never found peace.  I wondered if there was something wrong with me. I went to college and got a Bachelor of Science Degree, with a Social Work Major.  My college years helped me to realize that it was ok to challenge what I had been taught.  I studied other faiths, and philosophies.  I found many of them very interesting, but not what I was looking for.  I guess what I was actually seeking was truth.  I always believed that when I found it, I would somehow realize it inside me. During my senior year at college, I got married.  My wife and I have been together for twelve years.  She has always been very supportive of my spiritual search. A little over a year ago, I began reading about Islam.  It wasn't until I purchased The Holy Qur'an, translated by Maulana Muhammad Ali (with his commentary) that I began to discover the truth about Islam.  I was so blessed by this wonderful book, that one day I decided to look up the publisher on the Internet.  It was then, by the grace of Allah, that I discovered the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement.  The information that it gave me was wonderful.  I gradually came to realize that Islam was what I had been searching for all my life.  I am so grateful to everyone involved with the movement, because if it wasn't for them, I would probably never have discovered the truth about Islam.  I am so grateful that I can honestly say that I know that there is no god besides Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger. I was so happy to mail my Pledge Forms into The Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement.  I pray to Allah that my life will bring glory to Him. I know that I have much to learn.  I look forward to the process.

May Allah Bless You,


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Joining Our Movement Section > Why I Joined Islam [Stories of our New Muslim Brothers/Sisters] > My Experience by Mr. Stephen Huber