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Joining Our Movement Section > Why I Joined Islam [Stories of our New Muslim Brothers/Sisters] > My Story by Mr. Muhammad Shakur

My Story:
by Mr. Muhammad Shakur

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Dear Webmaster [www.aaiil.org],

Here is a little story about me and how I accept the Ahmadiyya Movement:

I've never totally accepted Christianity as my family has. They all were into it and have been into it. But through movement throughout the city of Toledo my mother gradually started to accept Christianity in the facet of "doing it her own way", meaning she does not go to church as often as she used to. She still sees herself as a Christian though, but some of the things I believe now, she is starting to believe. However, she still adheres to Christianity. She just doesn't believe the trinity is right and exact.

Anyway, I have been studying Islam for about 4 years (I'm 20 now) and the things I've been studying are just books that explained the religion and what not. But I just learned about the Ahmadiyya movement and it is most interesting.

While I was in the Nation of Islam (racist group or groups that were founded by two men, Wallace Fard Dodd aka Fard Muhammad and Elijah Muhammad, aka Robert Poole Bey) I read the Translation of the Quran that Maulana Muhammad Ali translated and that alone made me leave the NOI within a 3 year wasted period of believing what they taught was the truth.

I had joined when I was 16 and left when I became 19 years of age.  I have been, since, studying Islam and now I will indeed be part of the Ahmadiyya Movement and a righteous Muslim.

I thank Allah for bringing me to the light of understanding.

As-Salaamu Alaykum and thank you for helping me find out about Ahmadiyya Movement.

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Joining Our Movement Section > Why I Joined Islam [Stories of our New Muslim Brothers/Sisters] > My Story by Mr. Muhammad Shakur