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Joining Our Movement Section > Why I Joined Islam [Stories of our New Muslim Brothers/Sisters] > My Journey to the Faith of Islam by Dr. Jim Johnson

My Journey to the Faith of Islam:
by Dr. Jim Johnson

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Dear Webmaster [www.aaiil.org],

I have long been interested in, and a student of, theology and a seeker of "spiritual truth". I have been a medical clinician for approximately twenty-five years, but of those years a number have also been spent involved in theological studies....in weekend classes, week-long seminars, occasional on-campus semesters, and so on, until the requirements for an advanced degree in theology were met. Having grown up in an Anglo-Catholic family environment the emphasis in my training was primarily in the areas of Catholic and Orthodox theology and ministry. Ultimately, now a number of years ago, I was ordained in a branch of the Syro-Chaldean Orthodox Church. During the period of my theological studies I began to seriously challenge the basic assertions of the Christian faith with regard to the divinity of Jesus. I discovered the wisdom of the Ebionites who believed that Jesus was a prophet chosen by God at the time of Jesus baptism. The Ebionites felt that they were the true followers of Jesus and did not identify with the "saviour-cult". I identified with their perspective and felt drawn to a study of Islam. I felt there was a theological and philosophical relationship between Islam and the Ebionites.

I picked up a copy of the Holy Quran sometime shortly before my ordination and soon found myself reading and studying it daily. I had read the Quran, at least parts of it, in the past -- but this time it was with an enthusiasm and deep interest that I had not previously experienced. I obtained a variety of books and publications written by various Muslim and Sufi authors. I learned of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement and the Progressive Dawoodi Bohras and was inspired. I appreciated the support of friends, some of whom are not Muslim but have nevertheless supported me in my quest....my journey to Islam.

I have undergone no significant "trauma" as the result of my conversion. There is, however, no doubt that much will be different for me because I have embraced Islam. These are good and positive changes and I feel a sense of liberation and pleasure in my new life.

Was Salaam, Pray always,
Dr. Jim Johnson.


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Joining Our Movement Section > Why I Joined Islam [Stories of our New Muslim Brothers/Sisters] > My Journey to the Faith of Islam by Dr. Jim Johnson