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Joining Our Movement Section > Why I Joined Islam [Stories of our New Muslim Brothers/Sisters] > Conversion Story by Anonymous [The German Roman-Catholic-turned-Muslim brother (49-year-old male) who became a Lahori Ahmadi Muslim on 26th November 2001]

Conversion Story:
by Anonymous
[The German Roman-Catholic-turned-Muslim brother (49-year-old male) who became a Lahori Ahmadi Muslim on 26th November 2001]

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Dear Webmaster, dear brother in Islam,

I'm 49 years old, born 1952 in Cologne/Germany. By family background I am a Roman catholic, as many people in this region. One of my great uncles was a catholic priest and monk and I loved him very much. I did all my religious duties till the age of 21! At that time I left the church for their faith. At the same time I believed to be an atheist, but today I know that it was not so.

I'm a Public Administration diplomer and worked roundabout 30 years as a civil servant for the administration of the state of Northrhine-Westphalia, the biggest German federal state. At the last 20 years I worked additional as a lecturer at the institute for public administration of this state. I have been doing this work also since I'm retired. Since over 20 years I'm an author especially for regional history, family history, Judaism and Islam and since 4 years I'm a publisher with a very small publishing office.

After studying different Christian faiths, the Jewish religion, the Baha'i faith, etc., in the year 1988 I became a Muslim. I said my shehada at the VERBAND DER ISLAMISCHEN KULTURZENTREN, this is the German organisation of the Turkish Suleymancis, a daughter Tarikat of the Nakschibandi Tarikat. From the beginning I've had great problems with their interpretation of Islam. Other Islamic groups in Germany, especially the groups of German-born Muslims want to change the newcomers into Arab, Turkish or Pakistani Muslims. But I would be and will be a German/European Muslim, because the Islam is the religion of all humans and Muhammad is the prophet of all people! So I was a long time a Muslim without a jamaat [group/Movement]. In this time I wrote several critical books about these people and organisations.

Later I came in contact with different groups of the Alevi-Muslims. I helped them as a lecturer and wrote the first books in German about their faith. But I was not a member of them. Till today I have good contacts to them.

A few years ago I came in contact with the Ahmadiyya-Muslim-Jamaat (the so called Qadianis). I helped them in fighting for their members which where asking asylum in Germany and wrote two books about their situation in Pakistan and Germany. In this time I was in very close contact to their German, Gambian and Ghana amirs [heads] and with their so-called Khalifa [Caliph] in London. I'd have many meetings with him in the UK and in Germany. I accepted him as a very religious and pious man, but not as a real Khalifa, so as I don't accept MIRZA GHULAM AHMAD as a prophet.

In this time I read so many books from MIRZA GHULAM AHMAD and learned to accept him as a great religious and spiritual leader. After a few critical words from my side the contact was broken by the Qadianis, first by the German leaders, later also by their headquarter in London.

In a case with fundamental German Islamic groups and persons (and the Qadianis) I lost my whole money for a long time till today. That is one of the reasons for my work as lecturer, because I have a son and a wife (both are Christians) for which I have to look for their welfare. But with the help of ALLAH till today I found my way and in two or three years all my problems will finish.

I was at no time a member of Qadianis. After breaking up the contacts by them I learned many things about them which I didn't know before. For example that many of them came to Germany to ask for asylum, but after receiving it, they go very often to Pakistan without any problems. Many of the non-educated members of them work in Germany like doctors, they look inside a homeopathic book of their khalifa and then tell the people about their illnesses. A Qadiani, which called himself my best friend and brother will not give money back to me since two years. So I learned that this jamaat has two-sides of a medal.

I don't believe that any jamaat is perfect, because we are all humans and humans cannot be perfect. Only GOD is perfect. But if a jamaat told the people how good and pious she is and then you see their real works, you will go away from them.

In the time of searching for my book about the situation of the Qadianis in Pakistan I'd have a short contact to Imam Chaudhry of the Berlin Mosque. He is a very fine man and I know that there are well-educated Qadianis who accept him as a good man.

A short time ago I was looking for my further way as Muslim in Germany and Europe. So I looked for new contacts through Imam Chaudhry and he brought me in contact with a German Ahmadi (Lahori). Since this time we are in good contact and he asked me one day to look for a membership in the AAII [Ahmadiyya Anjuman Isha'at-e-Islam]. After thinking many times I've taken this step today. I came also in contact with a Ahmadi (Lahori) from the Netherlands, because I speak the Dutch language.

Since a few weeks I'm a student at an American university for the master degree of religious studies (MRS) which I hope to finish end of next year or so.

I believe that the AAII has no other faith than the majority of the Muslim ummah [Nation]. I believe that no Muslim has the right to call another Muslim an unbeliever. I believe that MIRZA GHULAM AHMAD is the reformer of the 14th Islamic century and the spiritual Promised Messiah. I believe further that the AAII of Lahore is the true jamaat in the mind of the Founder of the Ahmadi Movement MIRZA GHULAM AHMAD.

A Christian-rooted-German Muslim from Northrhine-westphalia.

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Joining Our Movement Section > Why I Joined Islam [Stories of our New Muslim Brothers/Sisters] > Conversion Story by Anonymous [The German Roman-Catholic-turned-Muslim brother (49-year-old male) who became a Lahori Ahmadi Muslim on 26th November 2001]