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Holy Quran Section > Sermons on the Holy Quran by Maulana Muhammad Ali Sahib (1914 to 1951) > The Three Conditions of Humankind

The Three Conditions Of Humankind:
Friday Sermon of Hazrat Ameer (Head) Maulana Muhammad Ali Sahib - November 27, 1914
Translated by: Anonymous

1. Introduction:

"I bear witness that there is no deity but God, the one, no partner has he, and I bear witness that Muhammad is his servant and messenger. Furthermore, I seek the protection of God from the accursed Satan."

"Say: Whoever is an enemy to Gabriel -- for surely he revealed it (Quran) to thy heart by Allah's command, verifying that which is before it and a guidance and glad tidings for the believers." - (Holy Quran: Chapter 2, verse 97).

2. The Three Types of People in this World: 
In this world, there are three kinds of people:

a. Those who on hearing virtuous teachings seek actively to attain to righteousness. These are very few in number. 

b. Those whose hearts, upon hearing God's word, are affected temporarily, but do not make efforts to attain any real benefit. They remain in the same condition as before. A large portion of humankind falls under this category. 

c. Those, who upon hearing pious exhortations, turn further towards evil.

On careful consideration, one would note that humans are found in only these three categories, and it is the last of these categories who are mentioned in this section of the Quran. In the previous section, the Quran established that the Jews on account of following their desires, excessive pride and rebellious nature denied the truth of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), despite the clear prophecies present in their scripture.

3. The Jews' Opposition was to the Message of Truth: 
The Jews could have escaped God's punishment, if they had merely denied and remained silent. However, they not only denied, but left no stone unturned in their opposition and enmity towards the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). This opposition was not against the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), for neither did he take away anybody's wealth, nor did he deny anybody their rights, but this enmity was only due to the message of truth that he brought to this world. That is, this enmity was not against the Holy Prophet's person, but rather against the message that he gave to the world. The Holy Quran itself at one place states: 

(O prophet) they do not reject thee, but the wrongdoers quarrel with Allah's messages - (Holy Quran: Chapter 6, verse 33).

How could anyone have enmity against the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) who treated everybody excellently? So, whatever opposition existed, was towards God's message. Furthermore, (before prophethood) he had spent forty years amongst them. At that time nobody became his enemy. The Holy Quran indicates this in the following verse:

I have lived among you a lifetime before it (the revelation of the Quran). Do you not then understand? (Chapter 10, verse 16)

So, when they became enemies, they became enemies to Allah's teachings and not to the Holy Prophet.

4. Friendship Converting into Enmity - Unreasonable Enmity Towards Gabriel: 
In this world, we can sometimes observe, a person's friendship strangely changing inwardly towards enmity. We do not have to look far for an example. Consider Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din (the famous Muslim Missionary in England), for whom we are all awaiting today on his return from England. What evil did he do to anybody over there? Yes, he did that work for the Muslims, which nobody had done in the previous thirteen centuries (setting up a Muslim Mission for the propagation of Islam in Europe). But, still some of his friends are becoming his enemies and no longer wish him well. The reason for this is the same human condition, which made the Arabs, for no apparent reason, the bitter enemies of the Messenger of God. So, those who used to accept signs vouchsafed in his favour, became the first to disbelieve. About these, the Holy Quran states: "la takunu awal kafirun bihi (chapter 2, verse 41)," ["And believe in that which I have revealed, verifying that which is with you, and be not the first to deny it...."] that is, do not go so far in opposition that you deny the messages/signs that you once believed in. As mentioned above, this section of the Quran refers to such people. So Allah, Most High, has stated: 

O Prophet, say to them you are not my enemy, but the enemies of Gabriel, as this revelation (which verifies your books, is a guidance for you and glad tidings for a great success) is brought by him with the permission of Allah. Say that enmity of Gabriel is actually the enmity of God who is the source of all this guidance. Furthermore, it is the enmity of all the angels -- who bring good guidance to us -- due to your enmity of Gabriel you have also become enemies of Michael (The Jews believe that Michael, who is the angel who delivered blessing, as their special friend). -- (Paraphrase and commentary on Verses 2:97 and 2:98).

Whoever is an enemy to Allah and his angels and his messengers and Gabriel and Michael, then surely Allah is an enemy to disbelievers. (Holy Quran: Chapter 2, verse 98).

The enmity of the Jews was due to the fact, that like a segment of the Shias, they believed that it would be a mistake for revelation to come to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). They believed this right was vouchsafed only for the Israelites. So, they became the enemies of Allah, Most High, for He is the real source of revelation; enemies of the angels, for it is angels who, by casting good suggestions in hearts, call people to this path; and they became enemies of the messengers, who had made prophecies regarding the appearance of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Allah, Most High, has stated, that any person who becomes an enemy to all of them, then this denier incurs God's enmity. Allah, Most High, is the Sustainer of the Worlds (rubb-ul-aalameen), the Beneficent (Ar-Rahmaan), the Compassionate (Ar-Raheem), but, nevertheless, when a disbeliever arrogantly reaches a certain point, then Allah, Most High, becomes his enemy. This is, because the disbeliever becomes an enemy of the blessings, provided by Allah, Most High, for his progress. He does not take any advantage from them, so he comes to grief. This indeed is the chastisement of God.

5. The Denial of the Signs of God and the Repeated Breaking of Covenants:

And we indeed gave clear signs (to all the prophets) and none disbelieve in them, except the transgressors. (Holy Quran Chapter 2, verse 99).

This refers to the breaking of covenants. A covenant had been taken from them, that from among their brothers a prophet like Moses would appear, whom they should follow, and deniers of whom would be brought low. But they paid no heed to this; then what else could one call their actions, except breaking of a covenant.

Is it that whenever they make a covenant, a party of them cast it aside (That is they always break covenants and this is not the only occasion)? Nay, (and this is because) most of them have no faith. (Holy Quran, Chapter 2, verse 100).

The real reason that they broke their covenants was that most of them had not attained faith. And so when a messenger appeared in accordance with the signs written in their scriptures, they paid no heed to their Book. They questioned John the Baptist as to whether he was the prophet promised in their scripture, which he denied. This establishes that they believed that a special prophet would come, but when the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) claimed to be that prophet, they refused to accept this prophecy.

6. The False Allegation Against Prophet Solomon: 

And they follow what the devils fabricated against the kingdom of Solomon. (Holy Quran, Chapter 2, verse 102) (first part).

When a person turns away from God's teachings, it is inevitable that he comes under the influence of some other teaching. He moves farther away and acquires habits devised by the devil. Here, it is stated that while they turn away from following the teachings of the Promised Prophet, at the same time they accept the popular stories of the devils in the Kingdom of Solomon. Please understand, that many lies and unworthy stories have been connected to the person of the Holy Prophet Solomon (peace be upon him). Not only among the Jews, but, also today, commonly among the Muslims such stories are found, such as that he made altars on the prompting of his wives. God, Most High, has stated, that they (the Jews) had become involved in rites of magic and amulets which they considered to be the teaching of the Prophet Solomon. So, it was certain that that they would move away from the pure Godly teachings brought by the prophets. Say to them:

And Solomon disbelieved not, but the devils disbelieved teaching men enchantment. (Holy Quran, Chapter 2, verse 102) (second part).

These verses inform us that the Jews not only denied the Holy Prophet, but actually were foremost in spreading lies about his teaching, and not only this, but they even established secret societies with the intent to kill the Holy Prophet.

7. The Magian and Jewish Fable of Harut and Marut:
And it was not revealed to the two angels in Babel (Babylon), Harut and Marut. (Holy Quran, Chapter 2, verse 102) (third part).

The stories found in many of our books about Harut and Marut come from Jewish and Persian sources. The Quran itself, is devoid of any such teaching. Among the Persians the (still) prevalent story was that some angels were hung upside down in the wells of Babylon. These angels were reputed to teach magic, and the arts of causing mischief between a married couple, etc. But, neither is there any historical evidence, nor did the modern archaeological excavations of Babylon unearth any sign of these wells. Whatever is said of them, is incorrect. 

In fact, Cyrus was a king of the Persians. In the Torah, it is written that he used to receive revelations from God. It was during his reign that the Jews regained their freedom. Two hundred years before, Jerusalem was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, and all the Jews were made captives, except some who managed to run away. The Jews remained in captivity during this time, until Cyrus the king of Persia destroyed Babylon and rebuilt Jerusalem. Harut and Marut, were two angels with this king, and were instrumental in the destruction of Babylon. What was their teaching? God, Most High, states further:

Nor did they teach (it to) anyone, so that they should have said, We are only a trial so disbelieve not. But they learn from these two (sources) that by which they make a distinction between a man and his wife. And they cannot hurt with it anyone except with Allah's permission. And they learn that which harms them and profits them not. (Holy Quran, Chapter 2, verse 102) (fourth part).

In this verse, it is stated that Harut and Marut taught a doctrine that made a distinction between a man and his wife. That is, a distinctive feature of their religion was the distinction between men and women. Now, on examination of all the religions, one would find Free-Masonry to be the only religion which makes a distinction between men and women.

8. The Jewish Institution of Free-Masonry:
In the verse above, it is stated that the teaching, which was utilised by the Jews in the destruction of Babylon, had a distinctive feature corresponding to the distinctive feature of the religion of the Free Mason. Allah, Most High, has stated, that the Jews did not just den, but by using the knowledge that they had once learnt from Harut and Marut to destroy Babylon, actually attempted to assassinate the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). That is, they used the mechanism of the Free Mason Lodge, whose distinguishing feature was the distinction between men and women.

Allah, Most High, warns them and states:

And they cannot hurt with it anyone except with Allah's permission.

Every human being, even a prophet, faces some woes in life. However, no human being can cause any harm to another. Whatever difficulties arrive, come by the permission of Allah. In other words, the Jews are informed that they will not be able to stop the progress of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Now, history is our witness, that the Jews tried their utmost, but were not successful.

This interpretation is further corroborated elsewhere in the Quran, where it states:

Secret Counsels are only of the devil that he may cause to grieve those who believe. (Holy Quran, Chapter 58, verse 10) (first part)

This verse also refers to secret counsels against the Muslims and in it is also mentioned:

And he can hurt them naught except with Allah's permission. (Holy Quran, Chapter 58, verse 10) (second part).

Our interpretation is thus supported by the following: Firstly, the distinctive feature of the religion of Harut and Marut. Secondly, the historical evidence of the attempts of the Jews to cause harm to the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) by utilising their Free Mason societies, and finally, by the corroboration of this interpretation elsewhere in the Quran. 

And they learn that which harms them and profits them not.

That is, these activities would be of no advantage to them. So, history is witness to the fact, that in the end it was the Jews who suffered. 

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