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The Triumph of the Holy Quran:

by Maulana Sadr-ud-Din

The Triumph of the Holy Quran [PDFpdf] (10.1 MB)

Table of Contents:
  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  • Chapter I:
    • The Characteristic Teachings of the Holy Quran
    • All Powerfulness of God and His Limitless Favours as Depicted in Quran
    • Humanity is itself an 'Alam
    • Such Teachings are not to be Found in any other Scriptures
    • The Quran Addresses itself to all the Nations of the World
    • Islam is a Religion of Nature
    • Al-Islam
    • The One and the same Religion for all the Prophets of God
    • Interpolation in the Sacred Text
    • The Divergence of Gospel Accounts
    • Unity of the Human Race
    • Belief in the Prophets of the Nations of the World
    • Why this Difference between Religions?
    • The Charm of Islamic Teachings and their Universal Acceptance
    • The Quran Animates the Dormant Aptitudes in the Nature of Man
    • Wherever there is Man there is also Virtue, because Virtue according to the Quran is in the Nature of Man
    • The Purpose of Religion
    • The Ordinances for the Prophet and his Wives
    • Goodness and Attachment to Truth are Qualities Independent of any Blood-relationship
    • Love of Truth
  • Chapter II:
    • Accusations against the Prophets of God in the Bible and the Undertaking to Acquit them of these Charges by the Quran
    • Refutation of Charges against Prophet Jesus and his Mother
    • The Incident of the Cross and the Phrase "It was made dubious to them"
    • The incident of the Cross in the Gospels
    • The Descent of Messiah and the Death of Messiah
    • Was Jesus son of God?
    • The Alleged Divine Sonship of Christ
    • The Atonement of Christ
    • The Quranic Chapter and the Sonship of Jesus
    • The Quranic Principle of Fundamental and Metaphorical Statements
    • Jesus Claimed to be a Prophet and Enjoined the Unity of God
    • Jesus as a Human Being in the Gospels
    • A Glance on other Biblical Incidents
  • Chapter III:
    • The Rites and Rituals of the Arabs
    • How did Prophet Elevate those who were not in Fortunate Circumstances
    • Rights of Non-Muslims in a Muslim State
    • All Polytheistic Practices Exterminated by the Holy Quran
    • Unbelievers' Opposition to the Fixation of Qibla
    • Reform in the Arab Retaliation
    • Essential Reforms Effected in the Matter of Inheritance
    • The Exalted Position and Blessings of the Kaaba
    • Muslims do not Worship the Kaaba and the Black Stone
    • Sublime Guidance for those who Observe
    • An Interesting Event
    • The Quranic Teaching is Rational
    • The Glory and Grandeur of the Quran in the Eyes of the Learned
    • The Holy Quran Excels all other Scriptures
    • The Greatness of the Holy Quran from another Angle
  • Chapter IV:
    • Modern Christianity, a Relic of Ancient
    • Idol-worship
    • Dionysus' Date of Birth and other Ceremonies in Christianity
    • Paul Clothed Christianity in the Garment of Idolatry
    • The Quranic Verdict and Modern Christianity is Idolaters' Creed
    • Idolaters' Conception of Salvation
    • Virgin-born Gods
    • The Eucharist Ritual among Idolaters
    • Confession of Christian Fathers
    • Summing up
    • Islam in the West
    • Beliefs of the Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat-i-Islam Lahore, and the Finality of Prophethood
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