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The Crumbling of the Cross:

by Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqui

The Crumbling of the Cross [PDFpdf] (17.5 MB)

Table of Contents:
  • Part One:
    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1: Sources of Information about Jesus Christ and Early Christianity:
      • The Apocryphal Gospels and other Early Sources
    • Chapter 2: Islamic Sources:
      • The Holy Quran
      • The Hadith
    • Chapter 3: Facts about the Birth of Jesus:
      • Name
      • Date of Birth
      • Place of Birth
      • Davidic Descent
      • The Sun
      • God Theory
      • Virgin Birth
    • Chapter 4: The Quran's Verdict:
      • The Birth of Jesus
    • Chapter 5: The Trial of Jesus
    • Chapter 6: Crucifixion
    • Chapter 7: Burial
    • Chapter 8: Resurrection
    • Chapter 9: Ascension:
      • The Exaltation of Jesus
    • Chapter 10: The Mission of Jesus:
      • The Kingdom of God
      • The Paraclete
  • Part Two:
    • Chapter 11: The Lost Tribes of Israel
    • Chapter 12: Afghans and Kashmiris
    • Chapter 13: The Life of Jesus:
      • What Became of Jesus, since he did not Die on the Cross
      • What do the Coptic Gospels Say?
    • Chapter 14: St. Judas Thomas and the Reputed Tomb of Mary:
      • The Reputed Tomb of Mary
      • Jesus and Thomas Resume their Journey
    • Chapter 15: Journey of Jesus to Kashmir:
      • The Tomb of Jesus
      • Chronology
      • Conclusion
  • Appendices:
    • Appendix A: An Extract from The Sunday Times (London) and The Guardian (U.K.)
    • Appendix B: An Extract from Time (USA) which Discusses the Possibility of Christ having Fallen in a Dead-Faint, but not Dying, when Crucified
    • Appendix C: The Holy Shroud:
      • The Holy Shroud and the Popes
      • General Description of the Shroud
      • The Photographs
      • How the Imprint was Formed on the Shroud
    • Appendix D: An Extract from "Jesus Nicht am Kreuz Gestorben" (Jesus did not Die on the Cross) by Kurt Berna
    • Appendix E: The Essenes Sect and Jesus
    • Appendix F: The Nazarene Sect
    • Appendix G: The Second Coming of the Messiah
  • Bibliography
  • Index
  • List of Illustrations
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