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Books Section > Islam - My Only Choice >

Islam -- My Only Choice:
by Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din Sahib

Table of Contents:

Note: This book is also available in pdf format

Chapter 1: The Historicity of Faiths and their Founders

01. Founders of Religions
02. The Holy Prophet Muhammad

Chapter 2: The Kaleidoscopic View of Religion

01. Hinduism
02. Judaism
03. Christianity
04. Islam

Chapter 3: Revealed Books and their Contents

01. The Bible
02. The Vedas
03. The Quran

Chapter 4: The Object of Revelation

01. Revelation to Exalt Man
02. Quranic Revelation is Rational, not Dogmatic
03. Articles of Faith

Chapter 5: Articles of Faith in Islam

01. Beliefs of Religions Unsupported by Reason
02. Harmful Beliefs of Some Religions
03. Belief in Atonement
04. Belief in Fatalism and Re-incarnation
05. Universal Belief in a Deity
06. Belief in One God Should Lead to Virtue
07. The Basic Muslim Prayer
08. Comparison of Deities
09. Need and Importance of Law
10. Submission to Divine Law in Islam

A Review


Books Section > Islam - My Only Choice >