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The Review of Religions (English):

June 1903

Official Magazine of the Ahmadiyya Movement

June 1903 [PDFpdf] (2.93 MB)

Table of Contents:
  • The Sources of Divine Knowledge
  • Jesus among the Ten Lost Israelite Tribes in the East (Part IV)
  • Controversy on the Sinlessness of the Prophets:
    1. A Remarkable Feature of the Controversy
    2. Christian Ignorance of Arabic Exposed
    3. Zanb Used in the Sense of Human Weakness
    4. Is Jesus Sinless according to the Holy Quran?
    5. Is not the Word Jurm Used of the Jews?
    6. Traditions on the Question of Sinlessness
    7. Does the Quran Relate the Sins of the Prophets?
  • Dr. Lefroy on the Moral Tone of India
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