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True Stories Website > True Stories from the Life of the Prophet Abraham > The First Idol Breaker

The First Idol Breaker:
by Sher Muhammad Akhtar

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"O fire; Be a comfort and peace to Abraham." (The Holy Quran; 21:69).

Early in the morning the keeper of the Temple opened the gates and with all deference entered the hall. His eyes met a terrible scene -- the idols were broken into pieces, except the chief of them, and he could not believe his eyes. The earth seemed to sink beneath his feet. The gods were thus insulted. He shook with wrath. He was exceedingly surprised to see the hammer on the shoulders of the chief idol.

"Who has done this? Is he not afraid of the revenge of gods?" cried out the keeper and being terrified he returned.

That terrible news spread in the city like wild fire and everybody was drawing his own conclusions. But the officials soon came to know who had done that and they said,

"We heard a youth called ABRAHAM speak of them." (The Holy Quran; 21:60).

With the king's permission they ordered the arrest of Abraham -- the Prophet of Allah. They searched for him everywhere but could not find him. At last they came upon a cave where he was praying to his Lord. The pursuers were in excitement, but Abraham did not fear them. God was with him. He came out of the cave and accompanied them to the King. Namrud, the king, was in the temple when Abraham was taken before him. He was beside himself with anger and he sternly asked, turning to Abraham:

"Who has done this to our gods?" (The Holy Quran; 21:59).

Abraham quietly replied,

"Surely some doer has done it; the chief of them is here, why not ask them if they can speak" (The Holy Quran; 21:63).

They could not question him any more. Turning to themselves and with their heads lowered they said,

"Thou knowest indeed that they (idols) speak not." (The Holy Quran; 21:65)

When Abraham saw them so helpless he began to preach to them.

"What, do you then serve besides Allah what brings you not any benefit at all, nor does it harm you?" (The Holy Quran; 21:66).

"Fie on you and on what you serve besides Allah! Have you no sense?" (The Holy Quran; 21:67).

Falsehood could not face truth. A council was held and a verdict passed:

"Burn him and help your gods, if you are going to do anything." (The Holy Quran; 21:68).

A great fire was prepared to burn the Prophet of God. But, smilingly the victim viewed the scene -- the flames of the fire before him, death was sure. His heart was full of heavenly light. He was satisfied. The spectators were standing spell-bound. Abraham, the Great, was ready to leap into the fire.

When this drama had reached its climax and Abraham had leapt into the fire, a voice was heard from above,

"O fire! Be a comfort and peace to Abraham." (The Holy Quran; 21:69).

And lo! a, miracle had come to pass; the raging fire had turned into a garden.


True Stories Website > True Stories from the Life of the Prophet Abraham > The First Idol Breaker


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