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Production note:

on the Recitation of the Holy Quran by Dr. Saeed Ahmad Khan

The audio recording of the 'Recitation of the Holy Quran' by the Late Ameer (Head) of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement, K.B. Dr. Saeed Ahmad Khan, S.K., was prepared in a residential setting upon the request of his family and other members of the Movement around the world, thus the occasional extraneous sounds in the background. At places the recording levels increase, as certain portions of the earlier recording were recorded over to exclude these extraneous noises as far as was possible.

It must be appreciated that this recording was not done by a professional Qari (Reciter) in a professional setup, but by a very humble servant of Allah who brought tears in the eyes of the listeners owing to the love, devotion and understanding of the verses he recited. The internet listeners should take it in that spirit.

The present internet version appears courtesy of the family members of the Late Ameer, to whom we are grateful.

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