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The 1984 Pakistani Ordinance:

by Hazrat Ameer Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim Saeed

A poem written after the 1984 Pakistani Ordinance banning Pakistani Ahmadis from calling themselves as Muslims, praying, performing Hajj, saying the Azan, reciting or wearing the Kalima, etc.

Allah You’ve promised that some by others You’ll repel,
If mosques, synagogues and other places of worship fell.

Places where Your name is taken,
If by forces of devil are shaken.

God You are Ever-Watching, All-aware,
And I am so weak, may I please dare.

To pray to You that with mercy look,
And fulfil the promise in Your Book.

Mobs who to be holy pretend,
To the devil their hands lend.

They pull down the mosques in Your name,
Destroy places of worship to gain fame.

Muslims are declared kafirs and stopped from prayer,
Even stopped from Hajj; God is that fair?

The Kalima which dwells in our hearts,
And of our faith is an important part.

Has been to us denied,
By those in power with great pride.

Those mosques that the Kalima display,
To vengeance and wrath become a prey.

Your name is being pulled down to earth,
Destruction of Your houses is taken in mirth.

For a century now many eyes have wept,
We’ve stood in prayer while others have slept.

Praying not for children, lands and wealth,
Neither for horses and cattle, nor good health.

But for Your own cause, O God! we’ve cried.
We have suffered, but hoisted Your banner with pride.

We’ve hoped to see the difficulties go,
And with strength have faced every foe.

We pray for the strength to keep going on,
If the night is dark we hope for the dawn.

To fulfil Your promise let the time be now,
To Your power let the proud one bow.

Catch him from his proud forelock,
So he’ll no longer Your religion mock.

Tell us now: ‘The help is nigh’,
Lets pray in peace to the day we die.

Abdul Karim Saeed Pasha
22 August 1986

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