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aaiil.org > Poems > For Heaven's Sake by Haji Hadi

For Heaven's Sake:

by Haji Hadi

Early Bird wakes up and finds,
Me kneeling abasedly.
Morning chirps interrogate,
Why I wake up so early:

"Your feet put dew to sleep and,
No other its lullaby.
Cock-el dood-el doo’s for all,
None’s farewelled your sleep goodbye.

"Sun’s never seen you sleeping,
And moon and stars see you knelt.
Can’t you understand one thing,
Sleep’s for all across the belt!"


"From Early Bird to Late Bird,
Some sleep days and other nights,"
I address them to answer,
"That’s no way to reach the heights.

"Hell’s fire is blazing high,
Better quench its thirst right now.
Beneficence and Mercy,
Should be answered with a bow.

"Lest you should be ashed in flames,
And I know you don’t want that.
For Heaven’s sake you’ll have to,
Rest your forehead on the mat!"

aaiil.org > Poems > For Heaven's Sake by Haji Hadi
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