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aaiil.org > Poems > Islamic Urdu Poem (#3) by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Islamic Urdu Poem #3:

by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

In the Love of Allah/God and Islam

Edited and Translated by Sheikh Muhammad Tufail

O God, the Forgiver of faults, the Creator, the Maker;
O my Beloved, my Benefactor, my Provider;

Had it not been for Thy Grace I would have died and fallen into dust.
And then God knows where that dust might have been thrown.

Daylight is shining over the enemies of Faith, but we are still in darkness.
Rise! O my Sun, for I am so restless.

With Thy Graceful Hands, come to my rescue at this time,
So that the ship of Islam may safely weather this storm.

Apply some healing balm on my lacerated heart, for I am sorely afflicted.
Listen to my wailings, I am completely broken down.

Show (the world) a sign! For the Religion (of Islam) is now facing effacement.
Cast a glance towards this side also, so that some signs of spring-time may be seen.

O Lord! Have mercy on Islam and save it with Thine own hands.
Listen to the lamentations of the people of this ship in distress.

The ship of Islam without Divine Grace seems doomed.
Now, O Love! Do something, for the tools of reason have failed us altogether.

O God, unto Thee every particle of my being be a sacrifice!
Show me the glory of Islam, for I am ever so tearful!

aaiil.org > Poems > Islamic Urdu Poem (#3) by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
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