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You Looked at the Heaven,
He Rose From the Earth:

by Hazrat Ameer Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim Saeed

Appeared in Paigham-e-Haqq, April–June 1990, pp. 11–12

All Muslims had for long yearned,
As a result of what they had learned.
We had for long in the Hadith seen,
Mahdi's coming in the century fourteen.1

The Maseeh, the Mahdi would this century return,
He would preach the world and it would learn.
The Prophet predicted the Cross he would shatter,1
And guide the world how to be better.

His claim to be Mahdi and Maseeh,
In the Heaven all shall see.
The month of Ramazan sign will show,
Eclipsed sun and moon shall lose their glow.2

To see his descent eyes turned to the sky,
The hearts grew restless as time came nigh.
But the promised one from amongst them arose,
And amongst them stood like a rose.

In his support there was a sign so rare,
Of which no past eye was aware.
It happened as was said in the Prophecy,
In Ramazan, eclipsed sun and moon, we did see.2

He gave them the awaited news,
But they didn't accept his views.
They had wanted his landing to see,
And settle down like a bird or bee.

To break the Cross he carried no sword,
Only challenged with kind words.
He called to God's and Prophet's way,
Stressed the need to love and pray.

How could he be the one they had waited for,
When he preached peace and hated the war.
So he was rejected and much abused,
To oppose him every power was used.

He broke the Cross with his preaching,
The sword he used was his teaching.
Though we had believed in God as One,
Through ignorance had supported ‘His son’.

We supported everything the Christians preached,
Born of a virgin, alive in heavens he reached.
Only God raises the dead we all agreed,
But Jesus gave life and made them see.

Was he God or was he God's son,
Is God Three or is God One.
Answer to all such questions was sought,
And thus a war against the Cross was fought.

He stressed that if Jesus was sitting up there,
And eventually would himself come here.
Then you oppose by what you have stood,
That after Muhammad none gets prophethood.3

Thus he also cleared himself of any claims,
And accusations that to be a prophet he aims.
His love for the Prophet, the Book and the Lord,
Was so great that he feared no enemy or sword.

Jesus was a man and had a man's birth,
He had times of sorrow and times of mirth.
He had a body that needed clothes and feeds,
He was a man and had all man's needs.

The blind he made to see and deaf to hear,
Were those given faith's eye and ear.
Similarly the religiously dead are made alive,
When for God's love they get up and strive.

The descent of Jesus is mentioned in the Book,4
So is descent of iron mentioned if you look.
Quran says Jesus was raised,5
In similar words Idris was praised.6

When a man is by God raised,
It means by God he was praised.
How can a man be with God in skies,
When our Prophet in the grave lies.

“In Mahdi's days sun from West will rise”,
Now, how could this happen, let's be wise.
Its meaning to us has thus been given,
Islam is the sun and from West has risen.

Only such logic predictions in Hadith fulfils,
Breaks the Cross and faith of disbelievers kills.
You looked at the heaven he rose from the earth,
Amongst you was his life, amongst you his birth.

Don't shun his teachings, you'll shun the truth,
If you sow good seeds you will eat good fruit.
Soon the century of the Mahdi will be gone,
And time will come to reap what was sown.

Abdul Karim Saeed Pasha


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