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Press release by the General Secretary of AAIIL

17th November 2012

Dear brothers and sisters, Assalamu Alaikum, Central Anjuman sadly announce the demise of our very respectable, honourable and dedicated brother Akbar Abdullah, Editor of HOPE. Brother Akbar Abdullah served Anjuman till to date as a resource person of all Jammats circulating news and information about activities of the jammat, across the globe. Its a great loss as we are deprived of a very strong link among all jammats who was very active and efficient. He preformed this duty with great zeal and zest. Its a great loss for our jammat and great loss for the family members. May Allah bless his noble soul in the heavens of eternity and help the family to bear this loss with patience and perseverance. Our hearts are grieved and eyes in tears but we submit to the will of Allah.

Amir Aziz,
General Secretary,
Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat-e-Islam Lahore

aaiil.org > Press Releases > Obituary news
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