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Holy Quran Section > English Translation and Commentary of the Holy Quran by Maulana Muhammad Ali (Table of Contents) > Chapter 48 (Al-Fath- The Victory) > Section 3 (Verses 18 to 26)



Section/Ruku 3 [Verses 18 to 26]: More victories for Islam:
Chapter 48: (Al-Fath: The Victory)
(Revealed at Madinah: 4 sections; 29 verses)

1. Translation:

Allah indeed was well pleased with the believers, when they swore allegiance to thee under the tree,a and He knew what was in their hearts, so He sent down tranquillity on them and rewarded them with a near victory,b

19 And many gains which they will acquire. And Allah is ever Mighty, Wise.a

20 Allah promised you many gains which you will acquire, then He hastened this on for you, and held back the hands of men from you; and that it may be a sign for the believers and that He may guide you on a right path,a

21 And others which you have not yet been able to achieve — Allah has surely encompassed them. And Allah is ever Powerful over all things.a

22 And if those who disbelieve fight with you, they will certainly turn (their) backs, then they will find no protector nor helper.

23 (Such has been) the course of Allah that has run before, and thou wilt not find a change in Allah’s course.

24 And He it is Who held back their hands from you and your hands from them in the valley of Makkah after He had given you victory over them. And Allah is ever Seer of what you do.a

25 It is they who disbelieved and debarred you from the Sacred Mosque — and the offering withheld from reaching its goal. And were it not for the believing men and the believing women, whom, not having known, you might have trodden down and thus something hateful might have afflicted you on their account without knowledge — so that Allah may admit to His mercy whom He pleases. Had they been apart, We would surely have chastised those who disbelieved from among them with a painful chastisement.a

26 When those who disbelieved harboured disdain in their hearts, the disdain of Ignorance, but Allah sent down His tranquillity on His Messenger and on the believers and made them keep the word of observance of duty, and they were entitled to it and worthy of it. And Allah is ever Knower of all things.

 2. Commentary:

18a. It should be noted that the 1,500 men who swore allegiance at Hudaibiyah are here declared to be those with whom Allah is well pleased. These words should set at rest the doubts of the adherents of a great schism in Islam as to the sincerity of the companions of the Holy Prophet. The Prophet was sitting under a tree when allegiance was sworn to him at Hudaibiyah (B. 65:xlviii, 5). [Back to verse 18]

18b. The near victory prophesied here was obtained at Khaibar, soon after the return from Hudaibiyah. [Back to verse 18]

19a. These many gains predict the later conquests of the Muslims, beginning with the conquest of Makkah which made the Muslims masters of Arabia, and then extending to other countries, both in the East and the West. [Back to verse 19]

20a. What was hastened on was the Hudaibiyah truce, which is called "a clear victory" in the very first verse of this chapter. By this truce the hands of men were held back from the Muslims, i.e., the Muslims were not persecuted any more. So persecution having ceased, people began to enter Islam in large numbers. This was moreover an indication that the promised conquests of Islam were not only conquests of countries but also conquests of hearts. [Back to verse 20]

21a. This reference is to the great Muslim conquests under the successors of the Holy Prophet. The vanquishment of the enemy is plainly spoken of in the next verse. [Back to verse 21]

24a. This is again a reference to the Hudaibiyah truce. Thrice already had the disbelievers attacked Madinah with very strong forces to crush Islam, and the Muslims had repulsed them every time, inflicting severe loss on them. This is referred to in the words, after He had given you victory over them. Yet they offered terms which were humiliating to the Muslims and the Prophet accepted them to avoid bloodshed, so deeply did he love peace. Thus the hands of both sides were held back. Authentic reports state clearly that ‘Umar openly gave vent to his injured feelings (B. 54:15). The chief terms of the agreement were: (1) That the Muslims should return without performing a pilgrimage. (2) That they should be allowed to perform a pilgrimage next year, but should not stay for more than three days. (3) That if a disbeliever, being converted, went over to the Muslims, he should be returned, but if a Muslim went over to the disbelievers he should not be given back to the Muslims (B. 54:15). The last term of the agreement was specially dissatisfying to the Muslims; but it shows the strong conviction which the Holy

Prophet had in the truth of Islam, for he was confident that none of his companions would go over to disbelief and join the Quraish; and also that those who became converts to Islam would not desert it on account of persecution. Thus it happened that the converts to Islam from among the Makkans, not being allowed to settle at Madinah, formed an independent colony of their own (B. 54:15), proving thereby the genuineness of their convictions and the strength of their faith. [Back to verse 24]

25a. One of the reasons given here for the truce is that the welfare of the Muslims demanded it, inasmuch as there were Muslims at Makkah who were unknown even to their brethren at Madinah, and that, if a battle had taken place, they would have suffered along with the enemy. This shows how Islam was making silent progress at Makkah itself, even without the guidance of a preacher, and in spite of persecution. [Back to verse 25]



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Holy Quran Section > English Translation and Commentary of the Holy Quran by Maulana Muhammad Ali (Table of Contents) > Chapter 48 (Al-Fath- The Victory) > Section 3 (Verses 18 to 26)

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