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Holy Quran Section > English Translation and Commentary of the Holy Quran by Maulana Muhammad Ali (Table of Contents) > Chapter 43 (Zukhruf- Gold) > Section 3 (Verses 26 to 35)



Section/Ruku 3 [Verses 26 to 35]: Allah’s choice of a Prophet:
Chapter 43: (Zukhruf: Gold)
(Revealed at Makkah: 7 sections; 89 verses)

1. Translation:

26 And when Abraham said to his sire and his people: I am clear of what you worship,

27 Save Him Who created me, for surely He will guide me.

28 And he made it a word to continue in his posterity that they might return.a

29 Nay! I let these and their fathers enjoy till there came to them the Truth and a Messenger making manifest.

30 And when the Truth came to them they said: This is enchantment, and surely we are disbelievers in it.

31 And they say: Why was not this Qur’an revealed to a man of importance in the two towns?a

32 Do they apportion the mercy of thy Lord? We portion out among them their livelihood in the life of this world, and We exalt some of them above others in rank, that some of them may take others in service. And the mercy of thy Lord is better than that which they amass.a

33 And were it not that all people would become one (disbelieving) community, We would provide for those who disbelieve in the Beneficent, roofs of silver for their houses and stairs (of silver) by which they ascend,a

34 And (of silver) the doors of their houses and the couches on which they recline,

35 And of gold. And all this is naught but a provision of this world’s life; and the Hereafter is with thy Lord only for the dutiful.

 2. Commentary:

28a. This shows that the Arabs possessed enduring traditions that their great ancestor Abraham was a preacher of Unity. [Back to verse 28]

31a. The two towns referred to are Makkah and Ta’if. They would not follow any but an important man of the world, a man possessing much wealth or high rank. Moral greatness possessed no value in their eyes. [Back to verse 31]

32a. Human society is based on differences in rank. It is only through this difference that society can be organised and developed into a State, whether it be socialistic Russia or capitalist England and America. From these differences in the external conditions of men, the conclusion is drawn that differences must exist in the spiritual sphere too, and some people are chosen to guide others. Allah’s choice for prophethood does not, however, depend on wealth, but on internal worth. [Back to verse 32]

33a. Gold and silver have no worth or value in the sight of Allah, and He would grant these things to disbelievers to any extent they desire, were it not that most people would be misled by these worldly temptations. The verse undoubtedly draws a picture of the modern condition of the world, where man’s whole energy is devoted to the acquisition of wealth and more wealth and material gains and more material gains, and he is shutting his eyes altogether to the moral values of life, with the result that the world today stands on the brink of an abyss of utter destruction. [Back to verse 33]



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Section 4: Opposition to Truth is punished

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Holy Quran Section > English Translation and Commentary of the Holy Quran by Maulana Muhammad Ali (Table of Contents) > Chapter 43 (Zukhruf- Gold) > Section 3 (Verses 26 to 35)

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