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Holy Quran Section > Articles on > Proclaiming the Message by Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Tufail Sahib

Proclaiming the Message [Holy Quran]:
Sheikh Muhammad Tufail Sahib

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The Quran, which is the sacred scripture of Muslims, literally means a book that is or should be read, or a book that has to be cried out or proclaimed. The very name of this great gift to mankind shows that the message which it contains has to be propagated. It is a declaration, an announcement, a proclamation to be made or a sermon to be preached throughout the world. This process should continue if the Muslim community has to exist as a living force in the world. When they stopped spreading this message of the Quran to the world, they halted their own progress.

The names the Quran uses for itself are significant.

It calls itself al-kitab, that is, the writing which is complete in itself, the message which is perfect and final without any doubt in it (2:2).

It is called al-furqan, that which distinguishes between truth and falsehood, between right and wrong in human life. It sets up a standard for judging moral values in our society. Man cannot be left alone to formulate his own moral laws (2:185).

The Quran is also called az-zikr, the reminder. It makes human nature remember the truths which it has forgotten. Every person carries a divine spark within himself, but most of the time he does not realise this great fact about human existence. The Quran helps him to remember this forgotten factor in his life. That is why it is called the Reminder for all the nations of the world (6:91).

The Quran has another name for itself; that is, al-hikmah, the wisdom. It brings a message of wisdom to mankind. Those of us who read the Quran and do not partake of this wisdom are missing the essential message of the Book (17:39).

The Quran is known as mau‘izah (admonition), shifa (that which heals), huda (guidance) and rahmah (mercy):

O men, there has come to you indeed admonition from your Lord and a healing for what is in the breasts; and a guidance and a mercy for the believers (10:57).

The healing here refers to the spiritual and moral ills from which we may be suffering. The Quran can surely help us if we are willing to listen to its message, because God says in it:

This is a blessed book We have revealed (6:93) says God in the Quran.

It was for this great object that the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, inspired his disciples to take the message of the Quran to all parts of the world. He told his people:

O you, the careless and the uninformed!
Gird yourself up for the service of the Quran
Before the voice is heard that that person is alive no more.

In his deep love for the Quran he expressed himself thus:

"The elegance and beauty of the Quran enlightens the life of every Muslim. The qamar is the moon for others but our moon is the Quran."

For this reason, the Ahmadiyya Movement has placed emphasis on proclaiming and spreading the teachings of the Quran all over the world. Translations in more than ten languages have been completed and the process is still going on. We hope a day will come when the benighted soul of man will be illuminated by the light of the Quran.


Holy Quran Section > Articles on > Proclaiming the Message by Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Tufail Sahib


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