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Muhammad in World Scriptures (Vol. 3) — Pakistan Edition:

by Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi

A Comparative Study of the Teachings and Prophecies Foretelling the Advent of the Holy Prophet Muhammad found Extant in Zoroastrian, Hindu and Buddhist Scriptures

Muhammad in World Scriptures (Vol. 3) [PDFpdf] (21.9 MB)

Table of Contents:


Muhammad in the Zoroastrian Scriptures

  • Relative Teachings of Zoroaster and other Religions
  • Zoroaster's Teachings Confirmed by the Holy Prophet Muhammad
  • How did Zoroaster Prophesy the Truth of the Prophet Muhammad
  • Advent of the Promised One
  • The Reformation made by the Prophet
  • Prophecies of Zarathustra Relating to Muhammad and his Companions
  • Advent of the Prophet in Dasatir
  • A Precise of all the Prophecies of Zoroaster

Buddha Foretells Advent of Prophet Muhammad

  • A Mercy to all the Nations
  • Buddha and Muhammad
  • Buddhist Scriptures
  • Buddhist Sects
  • Buddha as a Reformer
  • Buddhism and the Verifier Messenger
  • Prophecy of the "Manifest Light"
  • Prophecy of Buddha "A Mercy to all the Nations"
  • Exposition of Truths
  • True Islam and Genuine Christianity
  • The Quran Committed to Memory
  • Preservation of the Holy Quran
  • Identification of Maitreya by Buddha
  • Preacher of Morality and the Embodiment of Sublime Morals
  • The Prophecy of Maitreya
  • Sources of Maitreya's prophecy
  • Traditions of the Buddha
  • Buddha's will on his Death-bed
  • Prophecy in other Scriptures
  • Companions of the Prophet in Myriads
  • States of the Maitreya
  • Heun Tsasng's Love for the Maitreya
  • A Chinese Prince's Longing for the Maitreya
  • Fahian in Search of the Maitreya
  • The Maitreya in Java
  • The Maitreya in Ceylon
  • The Maitreya in Tibet
  • The Maitreya in Central Asia
  • The Promised Buddha
  • Buddhist love for Maitreya
  • Christ in Buddhist Colours
  • Some Significant References

The Prophet Muhammad in the Hindu Scriptures

  • Introduction
  • Mahrishi Vysa's Reverence for the Prophet
  • Another Clear Prophecy of Vysaji
  • The Holy Name of Muhammad in Upanishad
  • Prophecies in the Atharva Veda
  • The Camel-rider Rishi
  • The Camel-rider Prophet
  • The Holy Prophet's Wives mentioned in the Veda
  • The Prophet's Ascension or Miraj
  • The Beloved Rishi's Name
  • The Gold Coins
  • The Ten Chaplets
  • Three Hundred Good Steeds
  • The Ten Thousand Cows
  • The Prophet's Adoration of God
  • Prayers in the Battlefield
  • Propagation of the Book
  • The Prophet as the Best of Men and a Guide for the World
  • The Promised Parikshit of the Veda and the Paraclete of Jesus are one and the same Person
  • Peaceful Realm
  • The Sign of a True Religion
  • The Prophet is Asked to Arise and Warn
  • The Prophet's Munificence
  • The Vedic Rishi's Prayer for the Prophet
  • The Rishi's Praise and Prayer
  • Some more Facts about the Prophecies
  • The Battle of the Allies described in the Vedas
  • The Prophet Ahmad
  • The Ten Thousand Opponents
  • The Prophet Fights another Battle
  • The Enemy's Defeat in the Conquest of Makka
  • A Joint Testimony of Three Vedas
  • The Moon as the Motto of the Arabs
  • Muhammad and his Ten Thousand Companions
  • The Kabah of the Muslims
  • Some more Attributes of the Kabah
  • A Description of the Kabah
  • Prophecies about the Prophet in the Sama Veda
  • Advent of Prophet Muhammad foretold in Gayatri Mantra
  • Literal Significance of Gayatri
  • Who is Addressed to in the Prayer?
  • Pen-picture of the Light-giving Sun
  • Cock-crowing an Announcement of the Coming of Light-giving Sun
  • Restime

The Cure for Hinduism's Fatal Disease

  • What the Vedas and Dharmashastras say?
  • Aryan's Behaviour with People of other Religions
  • Islam and the Arya Samaj
  • The Caste System
  • The Idea of Transmigration of the Souls
  • Remarriage of the Widows
  • Aversion for Niyog
  • Inter-caste Marriage
  • Divorce
  • The Right of Inheritance for the Hindu Woman
  • Conclusion
  • The Prophet Muhammad, Islam and India

Bible's Story of Adam and Eve

Prophet Muhammad Crushed Satan's Head

  • How to Adjudicate between Religions
  • The Name Muhammad is itself a Proof

Beginning the Quran in the Name of Allah is a Miracle

  • God's Name among Jews and Christians
  • Prophet Muhammad told God's Real Name
  • "Knowest thou one that can be named along with Him"
  • Islam and other Religions

Scriptures of the Jews and Christians

  • Contradictions of the Bible
  • Pillars of Heaven and Earth
  • What the Heavens are?
  • Miracles of the Prophets
  • Joshua's Miracles
  • Elijah's Miracles
  • Elisha's Miracles
  • Miracles wrought by Satan and his Imps
  • Sinlessness of the Prophets
  • Abraham's Sinlessness
  • Sinlessness of Moses
  • Sinlessness and Purity of other Prophets
  • Parents' Rights and the Bible
  • Rights of Children
  • Commandments of War
  • Omens of Victory in War
  • Brutal Punishment of War Captives
  • The New Testament and the War
  • Women and the Bible
  • Polygamy
  • Divorce
  • Woman and Inheritance
  • God's Descriptive Roll
  • The New Testament
  • Aims of the Three Gospels
  • Gospel according to John
  • Was Jesus a Son of a Virgin?
  • Another Evidence against Virgin-birth

The Birth of Jesus Christ

  • The Davidic Descent

The Virgin Birth

The Two Libels

  • The Two Epiphanies

Humanity of Jesus

  • Why Christ has no Need of a Second-coming
  • Will Christ come Again
  • Christianity Draws Near Islam
  • Was Jesus Married?

Substantiation by Hindu Reformers

The Secret of the Success of the Most Successful Prophet

Part II — Hinduism

  • Hinduism, a Medley of Religions in Itself
  • The Authoritative Books not one but Many
  • The Religions of the Vedas
  • Religion of the Brahmnas
  • Religion of the Upanishads
  • Religion of the Puranas
  • Vishnu Worship
  • Mahabharata: Kama Parva Hindu Goddesses
  • Cow-worship
  • Kali Mata's Worship
  • Religion of the Gita
  • Islam
  • The Truth about Islam
  • The Meaning of the Word 'Islam'
  • Cultural Aspect of Christmas
  • Jesus — The Man
  • Are the Gospels True?
  • How Far are these Charges True?
  • A Comparative Study of Muslim and Hindu Cultures
  • A Notable Point in the Chinese Philosophy of Culture
  • Veneration of Cow in Hindu Culture
  • Cow-worship and the Humiliation of Man
  • Status of Cow
  • The Holy Quran and Animal Psychology
  • Animal Traits vis-à-vis the Cow
  • Means and Ends
  • Arabs' Benevolence to Hindus
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