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Books Section > Muhammad the Prophet >

Muhammad the Prophet:
by Maulana Muhammad Ali

Table of Contents:

This page presents 'Muhammad the Prophet by Muhammad Ali' in text format, and is presently incomplete. For the complete work in .pdf format click here.

Note: This book is also available in German, Indonesian, Spanish and Urdu


Chapter 1: The Dark Age:

| The Arabian Peninsula | Iraq and Syria | Hijaz | Yaman | Najd | `Uman | Hijr | Makkah and Ka'bah | Madinah | Arabian Races | Ishmael and his Progeny | Time of Ignorance | Christianity in Decrepit State | Arab Poetry | The Arab Character | The Arab Idolatry | Religion a Mockery | Social Life | No Law and Order | Position of Woman | Standing Evils | Earlier Prophets | Jewish Settlement | Christians | Unitarians | Failures | Arabia Impervious to Reform |

Chapter 2: The Promised Prophet:

| Abraham's Prophecies | Moses' Prophecies | Prophecies | Jesus' Prophecies | The Holy Prophet's Genealogy | Abrahah's Attack on Makkah | Before the Call | Alliance of Protection of the Weak | Marriage with Khadijah | Charming Morals | Magnetic Personality |

Chapter 3: The Divine Call:

| First Revelation | Temporary Cessation of Revelation | Second Revelation | The Early Converts | Other Important Converts | Religious Humanities | Revelation was not a Voice from within |

Chapter 4: The Stormy Opposition:

| Slave Converts Tortured | First Emigration to Abyssinia | The Second Emigration | Alleged Compromise with Idolatry | Public Preaching | First Deputation to Abu Talib | Second Deputation | The Prophet's Strong Stand | Third Deputation | Quraish Offer Leadership and Wealth | Ban against the Hashimites | Death of Abu Talib and Khadijah | Journey to Ta' if | Pledges of Aqabah |

Chapter 5: The Flight to Madinah:

| Council of the Quraish | In the Cave of Thaur | Leaving for Madinah | Pursued by Suraqah | Consoling Revelation | The New Era | Brotherhood | A Pact between Various Tribes |

Chapter 6: The Defensive Battles:

| The Battle of Badr | Precautionary Measures | Pacts with Neighbouring Tribes | Quraish attack Madinah | The Prophet Praying in the Battlefield | Divine help for Muslim cause | Treatment of Prisoners of War | Fulfilment of Divine Promise | The Battle of Uhud | The Holy Prophet holds a War Council | Muslim Army Led to Uhud | Quraish Defeated and Pursued | Khalid's Attack from the Rear | Holy Prophet's Bold Action Muslim Rally | Quraish Atrocities | Uhud was not a Defeat for Muslims | Insecurity of Muslims | Butchering of Innocent Muslim Preachers | The Prophet Forbidden to Pray against Tyrants | Smaller Engagements | Slander against `A'ishah | The Battle of Ahzab | The Prophet sees Vision of a Great Future | Muslim Sufferings in Siege | Confederates Routed | Relations with the Jews | Their Punishment | Conquest of Khaibar | Jewish Plot against the Holy Prophet | The Prophet's Lenient Dealing | Marriage with Safiyyah |

Chapter 7: The Truce of Hudaibiyah:

| Islam Spread in spite of the Sword | The Holy Prophet Sets out on Pilgrimage | Failure of Negotiations | Bai'at al-Ridwan | Terms of the Truce | Truce brings about Triumph of Islam | Divine Promise Fulfilled | Prophet's Love of Peace | Sad Plight of Makkan Converts | Message of Islam Carried beyond Arabia | Caesar's Attitude towards Islam | Chosroes Orders Prophet's Arrest | Negus Accepts Islam | Prophet's Deep-rooted Conviction | The Seal |

Chapter 8: The Conquest of Makkah:

| Quraish Contravened Terms of Truce | Preparations for Attack on Makkah | Ten Thousand Holy Men | Abu Sufyan Accepts Islam | Amnesty | Unparalleled Magnanimity | Makkans Embrace Islam | The Battle of Hunain | Retreat and Rally of Muslim Forces | Spread of Islam in Arabia | Deputations from Arab Tribes | Expedition of Tabuk | Impending Danger on the Syrian Frontier | Muslim Army at Tabuk | The Hypocrites in Madinah | Hypocrites' Plans against Islam | The Prophet's Love for Enemies | End of the Hypocrites | Year of Deputations | The Najran Deputation | Whole of Arabia Converted | Islamic Principles of War | Compulsion in Religion Interdicted | Fighting Allowed Conditionally | Peace to be Preferred | Relations with non-Muslims | How Apostates were Dealt with |

Chapter 9: The Farewell Pilgrimage:

| Prophet's Last Pilgrimage | Sermon at Mina | The Holy Prophet's Last Illness | Abu Bakr Appointed Imam | The Holy Prophet's Demise | Abu Bakr's Sermon |

Chapter 10: The Prophet's Sublime Morals:

| The Prophet, an Exemplar | No Work was too Low for him | Simplicity | Food | Dress | No Attraction for Comforts | Cleanliness | Love for Friends | Generous to Enemies | Equal Justice for all | Humility | Sympathy for the Poor and the Distressed | Hospitality | Gentleness | Faithfulness | Forgiveness | Modesty | Affection | Respect for others | Courage | Steadfastness |

Chapter 11: The Prophet's Distinctive Characteristics as a Reformer:

| The most Successful of Prophets | Universality of the Message | Unity of Human Race | Development of Entire Human Nature | Greatness in all Directions | Not a Product of Environment | Universal Peace |

Chapter 12: The Prophet's Marriages:

| Khadijah | `A'ishah's Age | Saudah | Hafsah, Zainab, Umm Salamah | Zainab, Zaid's Divorced Wife Juwairiyah | Umm Habibah | Safiyyah, Mary and Maimunah | Polygamy is met with among the Righteous | Four Periods of the Prophet's Life | First Period | Second Period | Third Period | Circumstances in Which the Holy Prophet Lived | How he Passed his Nights | Simplicity of his Life | Prophet's Wives Led a Simple Life | Protection of Women was the Underlying Idea | Political Reasons | Other Considerations | Fourth Period | Prophet's Natural Liking was not for Polygamy or War |

Chapter 13: False Allegations of Atrocities:

| Biased Criticism | Interdiction against Killing Women | Abu Afak | Only Combatants could be Killed | Ka`b ibn Ashraf | Abul Huqaiq | Permitting Rape is a Grievous Calumny |

Note: Rest of the book to follow, soon, Insha-Allah.



Books Section > Muhammad the Prophet >


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