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Book's List > The Anti-Christ and Gog and Magog > Segment 4



Chapter 19: Gog and Magog in Hadith and their Identity with the Dajjal:

I have already shown that the Qur'an while speaking of the Gog and the Magog towards the end of the chapter entitled -- the Cave, reverts to the mention of the Christian nations, which shows that it makes no difference between the two. As for the Bible, it says explicitly, as already shown, that the Gog and the Magog are none others than the Russians and other nations of the same land, i.e. Europe. A common misunderstanding that is prevalent about Gog and Magog as described in the Books of Hadith, is that they are regarded as a peculiar kind of creation, although many hadith make it quite clear that they are human beings just like ourselves:

Verily Gog and Magog are of the progeny of Adam (Kanz al-`Ummal Vol. 7, No. 2158.).

Another hadith says that God will reveal to the Messiah:

Verily I have created some of My servants whom no one can destroy but Myself (Ibid., No. 3021.).

In the same book vol. 7, we have another hadith (No. 3032) in which it is expressly stated that they are of the progeny of Adam. Perhaps the misunderstanding on this score has its origin in a statement in the hadith which says that they will drink up the whole mass of water in the world. The hadith runs as follows:

They will drink the water of the world so much so that when some of them will pass by a stream they will drink all that is in it and leave it dry (Ibid., No. 2157.).

Another hadith says that the advance guards of Gog and Magog will cross the gulf of Tiberius and they will drink the whole mass of water in it (Ibid., No. 3021.). And it is remarkable that in the hadith of Tamim Dari, Dajjal also asks Tamim Dari about the Gulf of Tiberius:

Tell me about the Gulf of Tiberius ... Is there any water in it? (Ibid., No. 2027.)

This incidentally shows that Dajjal and Gog and Magog mean the same thing. But their drinking up the water means no more than that all provisions of life will be in their control, because water is the source of life. Again, the fact that the prophecies relating to both Dajjal and Gog and Magog occur in connection with the expected Messiah, is a further proof that they are identical. A little reflection will reveal that the respective descriptions of the two express practically the same ideas, only in different words. About both it has been said that their earthly power will reach the climax. They will have control over every kind of provisions of life, and "no one will have power to stand against them". They will spread over the whole surface of the earth and will be an object of great trial for the Muslims. All these common features of their appearance show that they are one and the same people, and both apply fittingly to the nations of Europe. As a matter of fact, the two names have been adopted to express two different aspects of their appearance. The name Dajjal indicates their acts of deception through provisions of life, and Gog and Magog is to express their political and military power. It should be borne in mind that these prophecies about the predominance of the Christian nations came to be recorded by the Muslims at a time when their own power and supremacy had eclipsed all other powers of the world.

Chapter 20: The Dajjal will be Recognised by a Particular Man from among Muslims:

It is rather strange that if on the one hand the Hadith describes the signs of Dajjal in a manner that is intelligible to the least intelligent of people, on the other it tells us that a large number of people will fall a prey to his enticements. If all these things -- that Dajjal will have his right eye devoid of vision, and that his left eye will be shining like a star, that he will have the word Kafir written on his forehead which every believer, literate or illiterate, will be able to read, that he will have a strange kind of ass as his conveyance, whose two ears will be seventy yards apart, that he will be carrying heaven and hell, that he will have mountains of bread and streams of water with him, that he will cause clouds to shower rain, and so on and so forth -- if all these things were to see their literal fulfilment, no one could have failed to recognise him as soon as he appeared. In that case, there could have been no need at all for a particular man from among the Muslims to recognise him and proclaim to the people that he was actually the Dajjal against whom the Holy Prophet had warned. But one hadith says:

A person from among the believers would say: I will go up to this man and see whether or not he is the person against whom the Prophet of God had issued a warning.

Indeed if the signs can be seen as the outward meaning of the words of the prophecies would indicate, where was the need for this particular believer to recognise him and proclaim to the people that Dajjal was there? Dajjal's own presence with all the patent signs on him would have been enough for such a proclamation. Indeed, any other proclamation would be superfluous. The irresistible conclusion, therefore, is that these signs were to see not a literal fulfilment but a metaphorical one, so that a man of extraordinary vision would be needed to grasp their inner significance and their timely fulfilment in the appearance of Dajjal in the sense in which it was intended to come about.

Chapter 21: Who is it who Said: "This is the Dajjal Mentioned by the Holy Prophet"?:

It is really strange that the discovery that Dajjal and Gog and Magog are no other than these nations of Europe, was made by the dweller of a village, a recluse, who had scarcely any knowledge of the world at large (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, the founder of the Ahmadiyyah Movement, Mujaddid of the 14th century of Hijrah, who claimed to be the Promised Messiah and Mahdi.). More than half a century ago, when the people of the world were absolutely ignorant about the identity of Dajjal and Gog and Magog, no one even suspected that it was these nations that had established their complete supremacy in the world and were ruling this country of ours, who were the Dajjal and Gog and Magog of the prophecies; when, on the contrary, all minds were obsessed with the idea that Dajjal would be a strange kind of one-eyed man, who would have a strange sort of ass with him together with other strange things -- at a time such as this it was that God enlightened the Mujaddid of this century and granted him the knowledge that Dajjal and Gog and Magog were no other than these very people who were in complete control of the world, and whose worldly eye was extremely sharp and whose spiritual eye equally blind. It was moreover, a thing, which even if any one had known, he could not have the courage to speak about it. But the solitary recluse of Qadian, the Mujaddid of the 14th century of Hijrah, proclaimed it to the world with a fearlessness all his own. Neither caring for the opposition of the whole world nor for the possible harm that might come from the Government, nor yet for the influence which the Christian clergy and missionaries in those days wielded over the administrators, he proclaimed in the year 1981C.E. at the top of his voice: "This is the Dajjal about whom the Holy Prophet spoke." People had no knowledge that they were face to face with Dajjal, and were the helpless yet unconscious victims of his machinations exactly in the manner described in Hadith. The Mujaddid of this century told them that Dajjal was before them and that they should be on their guard. Let us quote some of his utterances on this point:

How can I make the blasphemous statement, that the one-eyed Dajjal, like God Himself, will give life to the dead by virtue of his own power, and will show manifest signs of the powers of Divinity? In my opinion the word Dajjal denotes some flourishing nations and his "ass" may mean the railway train which one finds running for thousands of miles in the countries of the East and West (Izalah Auham p. 478.).

It was necessary that Masih al-Dajjal (the Antichrist) should emerge from the Church itself.1

But the Dajjal who is to emerge from the Church, about whom Muslim has reported in his reliable collections from Fatimah daughter of Qais, and who is described as of enormous physical strength and shackled in chains, and who has also a spy, this is the Dajjal whom Tamim Dari had seen in a Church in an island (Izalah Auham p. 480.).

It should be remembered that in the lexicographical sense Dajjal means `a group of liars', who mix up falsehood with truth and use fraud and deception to misguide the creatures of God (Izalah Auham p. 488.).

It is evident that these are the magical methods adopted by the Christian nations, the champions of the doctrine of Trinity, the magic of which cannot be excelled in perfection, and that they are not capable of performance by any one excepting by a real Dajjal, that Dajjal indeed about whom the prophecies have spoken (Ibid., p. 494.).

The word 'one-eyed' is not to be taken literally. Allah says in the Holy Qur'an "Whoever is blind in this world will be blind in the hereafter (17:72.)." Blindness here evidently means spiritual blindness. Thus the word under discussion will mean that Dajjal will have no spiritual sight, although his worldly sight will be very sharp; and along with it, he will discover such subtle methods resulting in such wonderful performances, that he will almost appear as one claiming Divinity. But he will have no spiritual vision whatsoever, as is the case with the people of America and Europe today, who have carried the physical side of life to perfection (Izalah Auham p. 501.).

And as for Gog and Magog, it is now beyond all doubt that these are two prosperous nations of the world, of whom one is the British and the other is the Russians ... Both these nations are mentioned in the Bible (Ibid., p. 502.).

A similar view should be taken of Gog and Magog. These are two old nations of the world, who could not openly overpower others in the previous ages and were found in a weak state. But Allah says that both of them will emerge from this obscurity in the later days. In other words, they will manifest themselves in their glorious power. Thus He says in the chapter, the Cave, "And We shall let some of them surge against the others (18:99.)." That is to say, that these two nations after having overpowered others, will attack one another (Izalah Auham p. 508.).

1 (Izalah Auham., p. 478.)
Anti-christ (Greek antichristos against or instead of Christ) according to Christians would appear in the `last hour' i.e., before the second advent of Christ. "Jesus himself not only warned his apostles of `false Christs' (Matt., 24: 5, 23, 24; Mark 13: 21, 22) -- by which however, he meant primarily Jewish Messianic pretenders -- but plainly intimated that apostasy would arise within the Church" (John D. Davis, The Westminster Dictionary of the Bible Revised ed., 1944). Further on it is stated: "Thus the N.T. declared that Christian history
would not be a pure development of goodness and truth, but that, within Christendom apostasy would arise, develop, have many representatives, and finally culminate in Antichrist proper (either a person or an institution, perhaps both)" (ibid.). Notwithstanding that antichristian spirit was going to arise within the Church, efforts have also been made by Christians to discover the Antichrist outside the Church. "The Pope Innocent III (1215) denounced the Saracenes (i.e., Muslims) as Antichrist and Muhammad as the false prophet" (Royston Pyke, Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics p. 20, George Allen and Unwin Ltd., London, 1951). But it should also be borne in mind that "the Papacy and individual Popes were denounced as Antichrist by Wycliff, Huss, and Luther, and the charge has been frequently restated by ultra-Protestant writers" (ibid., p. 21.). An imaginary dialogue between Martin Luther (1483-1546 C.E.) and the Pope may be of some interest to the readers. This is a part of popular ballad written about 1550 C.E.

"Doctor Martin Luther:
Thou anti-Christ, with thy three crowns,

Hast usurped king's powers,

As having power over realms and towns,

Whom thou oughtest to serve all hours;

Thou thinkest by thy juggling colours

Thou may'st likewise God's word oppress;

As do deceitful fowlers,

When they their nets craftily dress.

The Pope:
As for scripture, I am above it;

Am I not God's high vicar?

Should I be bound to follow it,

As the carpenter his rule?

Nay, nay heretics ye are,

That will not obey my authority.

With this sword I will declare

That ye shall all accursed be."

(English History in Contemporary Poetry, No. III, The Historical Association).

The Founder of the Ahmadiyyah Movement, however, found the whole institution of the Church, particularly, the part engaged in slandering Islam, going against the true teachings of Jesus Christ and thus it deserved the appellation Antichrist. -- T

Chapter 22: The Holy Prophet's Saying: "A Follower Closest to me in Position":

This voice which was raised from Qadian, against nations who because of their supremacy in the world regarded themselves as all powerful, if it roused a violent opposition from the Muslims on the one hand, who considered it as running counter to their traditional beliefs, on the other, made the Christian missionaries and clergy exert themselves to their utmost to suppress the man who raised this voice, because they found in it a mortal blow to their cherished notions of converting the whole world to Christianity. These latter went to the extent of planning a capital punishment for him on a false charge of abetment to murder. And the strangest part of it all is that the Christians, the Arya Samajists and the Muslims all united in this unholy alliance of a mean conspiracy. But this man of God cared for none and stood like a rock in the midst of this deluge of opposition. People ridiculed him; even Muslims scoffed at him saying: This man claims to be the Promised Messiah and yet himself rides on the ass of Dajjal, (meaning the railway train). But truth is a powerful thing and it makes itself felt in the hearts of men. In spite of all this opposition, the truth which God Almighty had revealed to the heart of the Imam of this age, began to find acceptance among the people as days passed. So much so that at the present moment Muslims of all classes, irrespective of their measure of education, openly aver that Dajjal and Gog and Magog, of which the recorded sayings of the Prophet speak, are no other than the nations of Europe and America, that it is these people who virtually claim to possess the powers of God and that conveyances, like the railway train, constitute the ass of Dajjal. The Muslim Press has to-day no hesitation in describing Europe as the Dajjal and as Gog and Magog. And to crown it all, the great national Muslim poet, the late Sir Muhammad Iqbal, immortalised this idea in his famous couplet:

The forces of Gog and Magog have all been let loose,

Let the Muslim's eye see the commentary on the verse yansilun.1

2 Yansilun (i.e. they sally forth) is the last word of the Quranic verse which speaks of Gog and Magog overcoming the whole world: "When Gog and Magog are made to overcome the world and they shall break forth from every elevated place" (21:96). At this juncture one is reminded of Sir Winston Churchill's speech which he made at the Lord Mayor's Banquet at the Guildhall on Friday, 9th November, 1951, at the restoration of the effigies of Gog and Magog. During the course of his speech he said:

 "It seems that they (i.e., Gog and Magog) represent none too badly the present state of world politics. World politics, like the history of Gog and Magog, are very confused and much disputed. Still, I think there is room for both of them.
"On the one side is Gog, and on the other is Magog. But be careful, my Lord Mayor, when you put them back, to keep them form colliding with each other, for if that happens, both Gog and Magog would be smashed to pieces and we should all have to begin all over again - and begin from the bottom of the pit" (The Times, London, 10th November, 1951, p. 6). - T

All people thus now see, as it were, Dajjal and Gog and Magog with their own eyes. And yet we must ask ourselves the question who was the man who first disclosed the identity of Dajjal? Was it not that man of God about whom it is written in the Hadith that he would say, "O people, this is the Dajjal about whom the Prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him) spoke". And as for whom it has been further said: "Then he will proclaim among people: Beware, this is the Messiah the liar, so whoever will follow him, will be in fire, and whoever will disobey him, will be in the garden." Now if it is true that it is only one man who has raised his voice saying: "This is the Dajjal about whom the Holy Prophet has spoken," and if this voice echoes in the hearts of all Muslims today then, it must be remembered that all that is written in the Hadith about this truthful man must also be correct. It is written about him, for example: "This man is the closest follower to me in respect of position." Again it is written: "He is the greatest man as a witness before the Lord of the world." To recognise and proclaim the identity of Dajjal before the world, is stated to be the most important evidence which a Muslim can give, and that evidence was given, first of all, by the Founder of the Ahmadiyyah Movement. Thus we are face to face with a clear proposition. It is no use ignoring the man who has disclosed to us the identity of Masih al-Dajjal (the Antichrist) and waiting for another person to fulfil the prophesy about the Promised Messiah. Indeed, it is meaningless to keep on waiting, seeing that the person who is described as "the nearest to me among the followers in respect of position", must, of necessity, be the Messiah of the ummah. This, of course, leaves the position of the Companions, whose unparalleled sacrifices and close association and intimacy with the Prophet are above all, absolutely untouched.

Chapter 23: The Promised Messiah and Killing of the Dajjal:

There is scarcely any man who will deny that it was Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who disclosed the identity of Dajjal and proclaimed: "This is Dajjal about whom the Holy Prophet spoke." But some minds feel uneasy when they see that whereas the Promised Messiah was to kill the Dajjal, the Founder of the Ahmadiyyah Movement did not actually kill him. True, the books of Hadith do speak of the Promised Messiah killing the Dajjal, but the question is what is meant by this killing? It is evident that Dajjal is not a person, but a nation or rather a group of nations. Thus the killing in question could not mean the killing of a single person, nor yet the killing of all the nations of Europe and America, seeing that it is clearly stated in the Qur'an that these people will continue to exist till the end of the world:

And (We) will make those who follow thee (i.e. Jesus) above those who disbelieve to the Day of Resurrection (3:55.).

This implies that both the followers of Jesus as well as his opponents will continue to be in existence till the end of the days. It is necessary, therefore, to interpret the killing of Dajjal in a metaphorical way and not take it too literally. As a matter of fact, all that has been said of Dajjal is couched in metaphorical expressions: his heaven not meaning actual heaven; his fire not meaning actual hell-fire; his stream of water and fire, his mountains of bread, his ass, his causing showers of rain, his giving life to the dead, are all metaphorical expressions. Hence his killing should also be of a metaphorical nature.

If we read the relevant hadith, speaking of the killing of Dajjal, we find therein various indications showing what is really meant. Firstly, the words used in respect of Dajjal in one hadith are that he will melt away by himself, as salt melts away in water. If that is so, the question of killing him does not arise at all. Furthermore, it is stated in these same hadith: "Every unbeliever whom his (the Promised Messiah's) breath reaches will die; and his (Promised Messiah's) breath will go as far as his sight goes."

Still another hadith related by Ahmad ibn Hanbal states that the Muslims will kill the Dajjal, which shows that the killing of Dajjal means a hard struggle on the part of the Muslims to uproot his falsehood.

Chapter 24: The Dajjal is to be Killed but not Gog and Magog:

It has been shown that Dajjal and Gog and Magog are only two names of the same people. They are called Dajjal on account of their religious fraud and deception, whereas they are called Gog and Magog on account of their great political power. It is not easy to understand why, while the Hadith speaks of the Promised Messiah killing Dajjal, it also says that he will not be able to kill Gog and Magog, whereas, as a matter of fact, if Dajjal is killed, Gog and Magog must also be regarded as killed. But says the hadith:

It will be revealed to the Messiah that I have raised some of My servants, whom no one will be able to kill but Myself (Kanz al-`Ummal Vol. 7, No. 3021.).

Again, in another hadith recorded in Muslim it is said:

Then will come to Jesus a people ... When he will be in this state, God will reveal to Jesus saying: I have raised some of My servants, to fight with whom nobody has any power; so take My servants to the hills. And God will raise Gog and Magog and they will sally forth from every elevated place (Mishkat Ch. al-Dajjal.).

Now, it is rather strange that although Dajjal is killed and the breath of the Messiah possesses such an efficacy that whomsoever it reaches from among the unbelievers will be killed instantaneously; and his breath again travels with his sight; yet Gog and Magog are so powerful that those with the Messiah are instructed to take refuge in a mountain. Instead of Gog and Magog dying by the breath of the Messiah the latter seeks safety from their invincible power; and we are told that even the Messiah would have no power to fight with or kill Gog and Magog. What then is the good of Dajjal being killed when nations more powerful than Dajjal are there to take his place. A consideration of all such hadith leads to but one conclusion that the killing of Dajjal does not mean the slaughter of a person, Dajjal himself not being an individual but a group of nations; nor does it mean even the vanquishment of these nations, because even after the slaughter of Dajjal these people will continue to exist as before, and the Messiah is told by God through revelation that he cannot overpower them by fighting. All this clearly shows that the mischiefs of these nations on the religious side are termed the menace of Dajjal, because they will seduce people away from the truth through deception; whereas Gog and Magog represent their mischiefs on the political side. That is why even after the slaughter of Dajjal, Gog and Magog are found to survive.

It is clear from this that although their religious mischiefs will be put to an end by the Messiah, putting an end to their political mischiefs is not included in the scope of this work. For this latter purpose, other forces will come into play. Possibly this purpose will be attained by their destruction of one another, as stated in the Qur'an on one occasion: "On that day We shall let some of them surge against others" (18:99.). In other words, they would destroy one another, as the two World Wars have shown. Or maybe, a considerable part of these people will escape destruction by coming over to Islam, a possibility hinted at in the words of the Prophet that the sun - the sun of Islam - "will rise in the West," meaning that the truth of Islam will manifest itself among the Western nations. Neither is it unwarranted to hold that the Holy Prophet's seeing Dajjal in his vision circumambulating the Sacred House, the Ka`bah, is in reference to these people becoming Muslims in the long run. 




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