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The Prophet Jesus Passed Away:

by Mohammed Alim Shaw

The prophet Jesus (pbuh) passed away. What is really amazing is that everything about Jesus is super-miraculous — his birth, his life and even his supposed death on the cross. He is not yet dead but alive (in heaven)! Although the Holy Quran categorically states:

And We granted abiding forever to no mortal before thee (O Muhammad). If thou diest, will they abide? Every soul must taste of death. (21:34, 35).

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is dead, but Jesus (pbuh) is alive! Is this not a glaring contradiction? No mortal before the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) can be alive according to this verse (21:34). If Jesus (pbuh) is alive, this verse is false and has no meaning.

After that general statement referring to mankind, Allah draws our attention to the prophets:

And We did not send before thee (O Muhammad) any messengers but they surely ate food (25:20).

No prophet can live without food. If prophets stop eating food, death will be the result. This is the law. No prophet was given an immortal body. No prophet was alive when the verse, Nor did We give them (the prophets) bodies not eating food, nor did they abide (21:8) was revealed.

No prophet, including Jesus Christ, was alive when this verse was revealed to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Every prophet had a mortal body, needing food for its support (21:8). Every one of them, Jesus included, tasted death.

According to the Holy Quran (The Messiah, son of Mary, was only a messenger; messengers before him had indeed passed away. And his mother was a truthful woman. They both used to eat food — 5:75), Mary is dead but Jesus is not! That is to say, Jesus is above the law. He is existing without food. Is he not more than a prophet? God! Why condemn the Christians? Is not our belief the same?

There are Muslims who still believe that their hero, Jesus, is alive and will return in the Latter Age to save Islam from the greatest tribulations and will make it triumphant over other religions.

Is not Jesus then greater in every respect than the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)? Ponder seriously.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is dead and buried in his grave never to return to earth again. Who will be the Last Messenger — Jesus or Muhammad?

Jesus Hits another Target: ‘Abdullah Yusaf ‘Ali, a well-known translator of the Quran, says in his commentary of verse 33 of chapter 19, footnote No. 2485: "But those who believe that he, Jesus (pbuh), never died should ponder over this verse." Therefore, ‘Abdullah Yusuf Ali believes that the prophet Jesus (pbuh) passed away.

Allah says:

And He (Allah) hath made me (Jesus) blessed wheresoever I be, and hath enjoined on me (Jesus) prayer and charity as long as I live (19:31).  

The Sunni Muslims believe that Allah raised Jesus up unto Himself in the heavens (4:158). If this is true, I will like them to tell me to whom the prophet Jesus (pbuh) is giving charity in heaven now.

Allah said:

O Jesus, I will cause thee to die and exalt thee in My presence and clear thee of those who disbelieve and make those who follow thee above those who disbelieve to the day of Resurrection. Then to Me (Allah) is your return so I shall decide between you concerning that wherein you differ (3:54). 

‘Abdullah Yusuf Ali, in his first edition, translated the words as meaning, "I will cause thee (Jesus) to die", but in the second edition, he changed it to, "I will take thee."

 "Had Moses and Jesus been alive they would have but followed me (Muhammad)," said the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) (Fath al-Bari, vol. 2, footnote p. 246).

No doubt, when people have to resort to barefaced fabrication to support their erroneous views, then surely their case is proven most weak. If Allah did not change His laws for the living beings, if Allah did not change His laws for the greatest man that walked on this earth — the Seal of the Prophets [the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)], A Mercy to all mankind and the Messenger of Allah — do you think Allah will change His laws for Jesus Christ (pbuh)? Think again!

And thou wilt find no change in the way of Allah (33:62, 17:77, etc.)

Truth shall always break the neck of falsehood (21:18), says the Holy Quran. Allah says:

Every soul must taste of death, then to Us you will be returned (29:57).

Every one on it (earth) passes away — and there endures forever the person of thy Lord. The Lord of glory and honour (55:27)

This day I have perfected for you your religion and have completed My favour upon you and have chosen for you Islam as a religion (5:3).

aaiil.org > Articles & Magazines > A Collection of Various Articles > The Prophet Jesus Passed Away by Mohammed Alim Shaw
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