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A New World Order without Islam?:

by Abdul Muqtadir Gordon

From the Official Magazine of the AAIIL Guyana: 'Muslim Times'

The talk about a new world order is a topic universally heard and discussed. Some world leaders are under the misconception that their material advancement and impressive conquests of nature give them the authority to establish a new world order. This is a grave mistake. We only have to look at the present state of the world today to see that if these people have their way the world would be a place of slavery, oppression and constant conflict.

It is interesting to note that the culture of the modern capitalist state fails to satisfy the deepest needs of the human spirit, so that the dissatisfied and hungry turn to any system for relief even to communism. This discontent is not merely economic or social, but something deeper a discontent with human life itself, a Divine discontent that can only find satisfaction in religion. The material advancement, which was believed to be the source of increased happiness for the human race, has brought instead misery and destruction. The world is in a state of anarchy, every weak nation being the victim of the tyranny of the more powerful and more advanced nations. The sense of right and wrong in international relations has entirely disappeared because of the hunger for national aggrandisement and material gain, and this mentality rules the world. Might is as much right as it was in the days of the caveman.

Instead of man finding himself at the height of perfection by the great material strides, he finds himself at the lowest depths of immorality and degradation. Selfishness, disregard of other’s rights, indifference to moral responsibilities and bullying the weak are rampant as if man were still in the primitive state. Only the methods and weapons have changed. When selfishness affects a whole nation, it is lauded as a great national achievement. Countries are insecure because they can be attacked any time by a nation which has developed a more powerful war machinery. There is nothing to check the tyranny of a nation against another nation, unless self-interest plays a prominent role. There is nothing to curb the greed of a nation except the greater greed of a more powerful nation, and worst of all, evil is taken for virtue if it wears the cloak of nationalism.

One author has pointed out that:

"The greatest fault of modern society is that it accepts economic wealth as the end-all of society and the standard of personal happiness. An increase of wealth has become the criterion of social improvement and, consequently, we have an aristocracy of money makers and the democratic ideal is merely an ideal of more money for everyone. But life itself is not an economic thing but a gift from God and thus there is the spiritual aspect which is more important in the long term. It is a question of how you live in a society in relation to God and man and not how rich you are.

"Economic wealth without morality is self-defeating because there will be no real happiness and true equality in the society. The great curse of our modern society is not so much the lack of economic wealth but the lack of spiritual and moral development which enables societies to be more loving and charitable to their less fortunate citizens. The economic view regards money as equivalent to satisfaction. Get money, and if you get enough of it, you will get everything else that is worth having. If this were so, the people of the USA should be the happiest people in the world. What actually happens is that this view leads to selfishness and greed and eventually leads to the exploitation of man by man, because you never have enough."

It is evident then, that materialism which fans the fires of human greed will bring in its wake only ruin and misery as is experienced by the Third World countries today. Religion as a vital force does not exist in the countries that pay lip service to God and, instead of serving Him, call on His services whenever they would like to grab the wealth of some other nation, or enslave it.

Religion has for the time being disappeared from these nations, and the one-sided development of civilisation and unchecked growth of materialism has released the forces of selfishness, jealousy, hatred and grabbing for political power, which has brought destruction on mankind.

It is the greatest fortune of humanity that religion alone can furnish the moral foundations on which a true World Order can be built. Human civilisation is based on religion. Religion has made possible a state of civilisation which has saved human society from disruption. If civilisation wishes to endure, it can only do so on a moral basis, and high morals are inspired only by faith in God. Even the unity and cohesion of the antagonistic elements of human society are best brought about by the unifying force of religion. If unification is the true basis of civilisation (not civilisation of one nation or one country, but of humanity as a whole), then Islam is undoubtedly the greatest civilising force the world has ever known.

Civilisation is once again faced with moral and physical disintegration and some force is needed which would unite the different nations into one humanity. This force which would bring about a change in mentality so as to eliminate natural jealousies and hatred can only be a moral force (not the force of the present-day superpowers), and such a moral force can only be supplied by religion. Islam has in the past supplied such a force, and still does so today, because that force comes from a Divine source.

The unification of humanity, which is the cornerstone of Islam, is unique. No other religion has ever attempted this mission a brotherhood of man which knew no bounds of colour, race, country, language or even rank; a unity of the human race beyond which conception cannot go. It not only recognises the equality of the civil and political rights of men, but also that of the spiritual rights. The Holy Quran emphasises this when it says in Surah Al-Baqarah: Mankind is a single nation (2:213), and this is a fundamental doctrine.

For this reason, every nation is recognised as having received the spiritual gift of revelation, which, until the advent of Islam, had only been conceived as a gift to this or that favoured nation.

The conception of humanity as one nation, not withstanding the diversity of races, languages and geographical boundaries, is Islam’s unique contribution to human civilisation. It is the only cure for the ills of national jealousies and hatred, which has brought humanity, along with civilisation, to the brink of destruction.

What is the secret of Islam’s success in establishing a world brotherhood and in bringing about the unification of different nations? In the first place, the basic teaching of Islam is that the whole human race is a single family, with God as its Creator, and its division into different branches and tribes is only meant to make people know one another better:

O mankind, We have created you from a male and a female, and made you tribes and families that you may know one another. Surely the noblest of you with Allah is the most dutiful of you (49:13).

And so it is among nations. The superior nation is not that which reduces others to slavery and tramples their rights underfoot. The superior nation the one honourable with God is that which honours the rights of others. A Muslim’s conception of humanity, therefore, is that it is but one family, whatever differences there may be in colours and languages and cultures, with Allah as Father of all. Members of one family may quarrel with one another now and then, but they cannot hate one another forever. In fact, this broad conception of humanity is the only safeguard against national, racial or colour prejudices, and only on this basis can peace be established on earth.

aaiil.org > Articles & Magazines > A Collection of Various Articles > A New World Order without Islam? by Abdul Muqtadir Gordon
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