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Articles Section > Muslims at Crossroad by Dr. Dr MA Aziz

Muslims at Crossroad:
by Dr MA Aziz - FRCS, FRCO
Chairman, Abdul Aziz Trust

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The developed Western world is looking towards the more informed Muslims to give assurance and bring hope to the rest of the world that Islam has not promoted and does not promote terrorism but instead inculcates mutual understanding and tolerance across religions, cultures and ethnicity.

The time is now at hand to develop a common front of unity and togetherness and to uphold the humanitarian values and service to those afflicted by poverty, want and distress. There is a greater and more significant role for the rich Muslim countries with their huge wealth and resources to be more pro-active in translating the principle of zakah [obligatory charity] in a most meaningful way by improving the lives, hopes and dignity of the vulnerable people in the Islamic world, as in Afghanistan, for example.

This might then serve as an early step in the prevention of terrorism from the discontented and misinformed in the Islamic countries. This might also help to preclude the need for characters like Osama bin Laden and Al-Hujwiri and the Al-Qaeda network to endanger the lives of all Muslims with their extremism and medieval interpretations of the Holy Quran.

Today, Muslims have reached a higher level of intellectual maturity and now utilise the products of the latest scientific and technological ideas in cyberspace [the internet]. They are driven by contemporary knowledge and are now better able to advance the frontiers of Islamic thought and practice in the West to a new height.

The great trust that Allah (SWT) has placed on man as His vicegerent on earth requires man to carry out his duties and to assume accountability for them. This responsibility is the basis on which Muslims will be judged by Allah on the Day of Reckoning. Allah (SWT) empowered man with intellect, will-power and freedom of choice to achieve the purpose of his creation on earth. He has been given guidance and direction in the Divine scheme of things throughout the ages by Allah’s Messengers and His revealed Books. From these Divine sources are derived the legal system, the Shari‘ah, of Islam, with the objective of serving the good of mankind. It removes from mankind harmful, burdensome customs and superstitions and aims at simplifying and facilitating the business of everyday living. Its principles are designed to protect mankind from evil and to make him benefit in all facets of life throughout succeeding generations and reformations.

Islam came as a mercy to all the nations with an aspect of eradicating all semblance of fanaticism and bigotry. Allah (SWT) says in the Holy Quran:

My mercy embraces all things. Thus I shall ordain it for those who are conscious of Me and who give the purifying alms (zakah) and those who believe in Our revelations (7:156).

Our task as Muslims has been challenged by the aberrant behaviour of an extremist network, and will require us to demonstrate our ability to meet the changing needs of human society through the wisdom of Divine revelations.

May Allah guide us all on the siratal mustaqim (right path).


Articles Section > Muslims at Crossroad by Dr. Dr MA Aziz


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