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Articles Section > Mosques/Masjids in the Life of a Muslim by Imam Kalamazad Mohammed

Mosques/Masjids in the Life of a Muslim:
by Imam Kalamazad Mohammed
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Everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, knows the place and importance of the Masjid [Mosque] in the life of the Muslim individual and the Muslim community. Not only does it serve a spiritual purpose, but it is the very centre of the Muslim community and caters for its every need: social, political, economic, educational, and medical.

According to Maulana Muhammad Ali, the Masjid is "a place which sends forth the blood of spiritual life hour after hour, into the veins of a Muslim" as well as the Muslim national centre in the truest and most comprehensive sense of the word.

It is the fondest hope and most deep-seated prayer of every sincere Muslim that every Masjid develops the type of character and brings about the status that the Holy Qur’an and our noble Prophet envisaged for us all. One or two quotations will suffice.

The Holy Quran says:

Only he can maintain the mosques of Allah who believes in Allah and the Last Day and keeps up prayer and pays the zakat and fears none but Allah. So these it is who may be of the guided ones (9:18)


In it are men who love to purify themselves (9:108).

Our Holy Prophet (pbuh) is reported to have said:

"For him who proceeds to the masjid morning or evening, Allah prepares an entertainment in Paradise every time he proceeds, morning or evening."

"The best part of a city in the eyes of Allah are its masjids."

Whilst it is true that: The mosques belong to Allah (72:18), yet it is a fact that there are different schools of thought in Islam. As this Jama’at draws its life-giving inspiration from the Imam of the Age, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib, and subscribes to the teachings of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Anjuman, it is therefore pertinent that we remind ourselves of our role in the renaissance of Islam and our duty to make the sun of Islam shine resplendently in the West even though, at present, we are a misunderstood and unpopular minority in the House of Islam.

The following are words of advice and encouragement given with the certainty and force of conviction of one who knew he was sent by Allah, Himself. He advises us thus:

"Let your own soul be the object of your daily care and attendance. Be sorry for its impurities, its spots and imperfections, and study all the holy acts of restoring it to its pristine and natural purity. Delight in its service, and beg Allah to adorn it with every grace and perfection. Nourish it with good works, give it peace in solitude, give it strength in prayer, make it wise with reading, enlighten it with meditation, make it tender with love, sweeten it with humility, humble it with repentance. Keep always in the presence of Allah, for pain and suffering which please Allah are better than pleasure that angers Him."

He then gives us the wonderful assurance of inevitable success when he says:

"Do not think that Allah will let you perish. You are the seed by the hand of Allah sown in this earth. Allah says this seed shall grow and bear fruit, throw out shoots on all sides, becoming a big tree. Therefore, blessed are they who have faith in what Allah has said, and who are not afraid of the difficulties they might have to face in-between, for tribulations along this path are indeed necessary so that you should be well tested as to who among you is true in his profession of faith and homage, and who is false."

Finally, we end with the du’a [prayer] of the Prophets, Abraham (pbuh) and Ishmael (pbuh), when they had raised the foundation of the Ka’bah.

Our Lord, accept from us; surely Thou art the hearing, the Knowing (2:127).

Articles Section > Mosques/Masjids in the Life of a Muslim by Imam Kalamazad Mohammed


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