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Homosexuality [Sodomy and Lesbianism]:

by Naseer Ahmad Faruqui

The Light, August 24, 1981, pp. 7–9

Had I not been asked by an esteemed and learned friend from England to write on this subject, I would not have done it. Firstly, because it is, to me at least, such a shameful subject to discuss. Secondly, it is such an obvious perversion that it has been described in legal books and other literature as an "unnatural offence". However, I feel that the subject should now be discussed openly because:

(a) It has now been legalised in certain prominent countries, some of them known for their conservatism in the past.

(b) Even before this legalisation, it had recently come to be practised openly and shamelessly.

(c) I confess that sitting here in Pakistan I am not fully aware of the public reaction to the flagrant and growing indulgence in this vice. But so far as I am aware, neither the Press in the West nor the Church has condemned it. In fact when this unnatural offence was being legalised in a certain hitherto conservative country, I was surprised to read that the Church had lent support to the legalisation. Is the Church's attitude consistent with the teachings of the Bible which calls it a "very grievous sin" (Genesis, 18:20) and describes it as being the cause of the Divine wrath and destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah?

(d) The Holy Quran requires us to raise our voice against all evils. It condemns the Israelites of the pre-Islamic period thus: "They forbade not one another the hateful things they did. Evil indeed was what they did" (5:79).

And it was one of the reasons why the then Israelites were cursed "on the tongue of David and Jesus" (5:78).

(e) Very few people have the fear of God. But most people are afraid of the public opinion. So that when public opinion goes corrupt and does not forbid glaring evils like homosexuality, in fact legalises it, then the conscience of such people is really sick, if not dead.

Causes of Homosexuality:

Homosexuality is pretty ancient, the earliest historical case being that of the people to which the Prophet Lot was sent, namely, the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah (about 3,500 years ago). But it probably existed, although to a small extent, in almost all times. There is no notice in history of such cases, because it was always considered to be an unnatural offence of shame, except of course among the people of Sodom and Gomorrah who indulged in it blatantly as has now, unfortunately, become the case in the West.

In certain regions, the evil was attributed by those who tried to justify it, to the shortage of women or their being in seclusion. However plausible a reason it may look for certain regions, it is certainly not true of the West.

The only reasons one can surmise of for the growth of the evil in the West are:

(a) The living together of boys and adolescents in schools and colleges, especially in the hostels.

(b) Perversion, due surprisingly to over-indulgence in natural sex. Such sex as one gets in married life is not over-indulgence. What I mean is promiscuous sex indulgence outside marriage, made possible in the West by the huge preponderance of women over men — particularly after the two World Wars, and the free-mixing of the sexes in and outside the homes, indulgence in sex being whipped up by novels, erotic poetry, films, nudity and obscenity all around.

Over-indulgence in natural sex leads to a stage where man loses enjoyment in natural sex and seeks variation and diversion, which he is told could be had in homosexuality.


This sex indulgence among females was not at least known publicly or openly talked about until recently. Now women in the West themselves talk about it, no longer in whispers, and cases are openly reported in the Press. And nobody seems to consider it an evil, for those openly accused of Lesbianism go about none the worse for it. Nobody even thinks of prosecuting indulgence in unnatural offences (Sodomy or Lesbianism) for public opinion has come to tolerate it even where these evils are not legalised. Lesbianism, again, starts from schools and colleges, particularly the hostels. But its main cause is the huge preponderance of women over men in the West. When women cannot find the natural way of satisfying their sex impulses, whipped up as they are by novels, erotic poetry, films, nudity and obscenity, they "make their own sex" as the Lesbianists say.


The answer, of course, is polygamy, which Islam prescribes for a society where women preponderate in numbers over men. Polygamy is pooh-poohed by those in the West, but the same people do not mind illegal polygamy (extramarital sex-indulgence) which is being practised freely. What is better for the society, even women, than a proper home life, security and legitimate children! And for those who still care for morals and spiritual welfare, legal polygamy is the only choice, rather than the illegal polygamy with all its evil consequences, including the slow decline of the institution of marriage. In any case, the Mormons in America allow polygamy and their women are certainly more happy than the poor women who have to submit to adultery because they cannot find husbands.

The British judge Lindsay's book "A Case for Polygamy" is one, which those who care for the moral, spiritual and social health of their society should read.

General Remarks:

Generally speaking, whether it is the promiscuity in sex-indulgence or perversity (Homosexuality and Lesbianism), some of the remedies suggest themselves in the above discussion. Other than those, the following general remedies are a must:

(a) Public condemnation rather than tolerance and legalisation of these evils.

(b) But public opinion can itself become perverse as in countries where these evils are not only tolerated but also legalised and publicly practised without any repercussions.

(c) So, the only answer is religion. If Christianity has failed in its appeal to the people of the West let them study Islam. Let them also take note of the fact that these evils do not prevail in the Islamic countries.

(d) In the last resort, it is not the public opinion, nor the legal consequences, which can put an end to these evils, but a living faith in a Living God that can restrain people from all evils. And such a living faith and a Living God can be found in Islam, if mankind is to save itself from annihilation.

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